4 Popular Collectors’ Items in 2019

Whether you enjoy trolling online for celebrity autographs for sale or you enjoy finding more traditional stamps or coins, having a collection of something is a fun hobby. There is nothing like coming across a sought-after piece to add to your collection, no matter what that collection consists of.

Not only can starting a collection be fun, it can also turn into an investment. As long as you take proper care of your items and follow the correct storage techniques, you might be able to have a big payday down the road. Properly storing your collectibles is essential though, or else your collectors’ items will be worth nothing.

Interested in starting a collection and possibly earning some cheddar in the future? Check out these 4 popular collectors’ items in 2019.

Comic Books

Long gone are the days where comic books were considered the literature of nerds. Comic books can actually be extremely cool – as seen by the constant box office hits depicting classic Marvel comics. You could collect comic books for your entire life and it would never get old. There is so much classic and modern comic literature to choose from.

Always remember to lay off the snacks and drinks when you sit down to read the new addition to your comic book collection. Damage like food stains or drink spills will completely plummet the worth of any comic novel, no matter how rare it is.

Vinyl Records

Music is a universal language that everyone in the world can enjoy. One of the best ways to listen to your favorite music is through classic vinyl records. Not only is it a unique way to crank up the tunes, but it actually sounds richer and more intense. Listening to your vinyls on a record player is becoming more common again.

Even though there are so many available ways to listen to music – iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, just to name a few – nothing quite compares to vinyls. Always keep your records in a safe place in the original case away from extreme heat or cold. You never know how much it could one day be worth, but this is only if you take proper care of it.

Coins and Banknotes

One of the best ways to show that you are a world traveller – or that you one day hope to be – is by collecting currency. Collecting coins and banknotes from around the world can actually be extremely fun, especially if you actually go to those locations in person.

Maybe your international currency won’t ever be worth more than face value, but it will be worth something to you. When you pull out those rupees from India or your Thai baht, it will bring back happy memories of your travels during your younger years.

Antique Furniture

Collecting antique furniture will never go out of style. Who knows if it will ever go up in value, but antique pieces can act as a unique addition to any home. Maybe a funky chair from the 50’s is what spices up your living room and gives it an added flair. Antique furniture is not only functional, but also an amazing way to be reminded of simpler times.