Binary Options Trading and Which Assets You Can Trade

A lot of people are interested in binary options trading. This is because they are generally very affordable and easy to access by everyday people as well. They are high risk trades, however, often referred to as “win or lose trades”, which means it is important that people are careful with them as well. That being said, all forms of trading are risky. According to Mr. Jean-Yves Sireau from, it is all about knowing what you’re doing, and never investing more than you can afford to lose. Through, people can trade in these options with ease. So which assets can they trade in?

Binary Options Assets

There are numerous different assets in which people can trade. Stocks, bonds, commodities, precious metals, and currencies are just some of the options people have available to them. Binary options trading can be performed in various different assets as well, being:

  • The index represents the market as a whole. There is the FTSE in London, the Dow Jones in Tokyo, and the NASDAQ in this country. It is actually possible, therefore, to invest in the performance of the market as a whole.
  • Forex means foreign exchange, and the focus here is on trading in currency pairs. The JP, EUR, USD, and GBP are some of the most popular ones. It is possible to trade in any currency pair that you are interested in.
  • These are primary agricultural products and raw materials, which can be physically purchased and sold. Coffee, copper, gold, and orange juice are all common examples.
  • A stock is the share in an institution, organization, or business. This could, for instance, be a high tech company like Facebook or Microsoft, a sports team like Arsenal, or even a clothing brand like Versace.

Anyone who is new to the world of binary options trading should start by determining which asset they are most interested in. Because binary options trading is so easy, and because it takes no time at all to get started, it is all too easy to jump in without thinking. Mr. Sireau, therefore, recommends that prospective traders start by considering their assets. This also gives them the opportunity to then research them, understanding which circumstances influences their movements and which signals to look for. He also recommends that people join, so that they can gain a greater understanding of the different assets and how to trade them.

Some people see binary options trading as a form of gambling, because they are so volatile and risky. However, Mr. Sireau disagrees. With gambling, the house always wins and the odds are stacked significantly against the person placing the bet. With binary options trading, the chance is 50/50 and someone who spends some time understanding the signals and the market as a whole, can significantly increase those odds in their favor. Furthermore, because trading in binary options is not expensive, it is quite easy to learn while practicing without the risk of losing too much.