Creating a magical wedding reception room

Decorating the wedding reception room is daunting as its a room that you always remember and look back fondly on. Ideally, you will want to create a beautiful, welcoming and stylish space which also reflects your personality – this can be achieved by focusing on a few key areas.

If you were to ask any married couple what their wedding reception room looked like, you would be surprised at just how many will remember every single detail. It’s a space where you make many happy memories, and a large percentage of the wedding takes place, so it is essential that it looks amazing and reflects your identity. Here are a few areas to consider so that your space will look its best:


Firstly, as with decorating any space, you need to identify a theme. The theme can be modern, traditional or you can only go with a colour scheme. Once you have picked a theme, check every item to maintain the consistency.


The wedding table cloth on each table will be one of the first things that people notice as the tables take up a large area in the room. Pick one colour and texture to use throughout for a consistent look. A few popular options include petal cloths, sequin cloths, crushed velvet and satin. One option that you can never go wrong with is a simple white satin cloth as it allows you to add colour in various other ways.

Table runners

One way to add colour to a white table cloth is a table runner. These can look fantastic, and there are all kinds of different colours, materials and patterns to consider.

Chair covers

The chairs are an often overlooked area, but they are of primal importance as you will all spend a large period sitting on them, and they take up a lot of space. Make sure that they are in tune with your theme with chair covers and consider sashes for a decorative touch.


The table centrepieces will be another thing that people notice immediately. Something subtle is usually best as it does not overpower the table (people still need to eat and speak to each other). Mirror plates, decorative bird cages or crystal trees are a few options to consider.


Lighting establishes mood, so you will want to plan the lighting for the room carefully. Ideally, you will want to create a magical and intimate setting – the best way to achieve this is through strings of fairy lights and candles. You can also go with LED as it is also a safe option.

Finishing Touches

There are many ways to add your personality and style in a party by giving it finishing touches. You can include things like scatter beads, glitter, flower petals, silk flowers, plastic ornaments, feathers and vases filled with various items.

These are the key aspects to consider when decorating a wedding reception room. It’s important to get it just right as it’s a lifetime of memory that you always cherish.