David Cates – Why Everyone Should Join a Union

No matter which industry you happen to be working in, joining a union is always a good idea. This is sadly something which doesn’t happen as much as it once did, but many in the legal profession suggest that joining unions is a smart choice for anyone who has the opportunity to do so. Legal experts like David Cates specialize in employment law and he often cites the importance of joining up with a union, regardless of what industry you happen to be working in.

There are so many benefits which a union can give you, and here is why joining makes so much sense.

Access to Advice

One of the best advantages which a union can give you is the access to a huge range of advice which you can use in the workplace. No matter if you have a query, if you have had an issue at work or even if you are seeking legal advice, the union will be able to help you. Unions are colossal organizations which count on a wide range of professionals who can help you out, no matter what it is that you are going through.

More Money and Benefits

It is a proven fact that those who are unionized will earn more money in the workplace and will have more benefits than those who are not. Thanks to the collective muscle which unions have in place, they are able to work for you in increasing pay, increasing holiday allowances, supporting those on maternity and making changes with the employer to give you a better quality of life at work.

Health and Safety

There is absolutely no doubt that workplaces which are unionized are much safer than those which are not. It is after all up to the union to ensure that you are fully protected in the workplace and they will fight for that to happen for you. No matter if this means the investment in additional equipment or a change in the way things are done, their mission is to ensure that you are safe.


The reason why employment law has changed so much in recent years with regards to equality is because of the pressure which unions have been able to place on both employers and the legal system. They are wholly committed to making sure that no matter who you are or what you look like, you will get the same treatment as everyone else.

Fairness At Work

If you believe that you are being unfairly treated at work then your union can certainly help you out. In fact we often see that individuals who are in the union, are far less likely to get unfairly treated, because employers do not want issues with union representatives. This means that your time at work will be far more enjoyable and far more fair, which is after all what we are looking for.

There really is no reason for you not to join a union within your industry.