Earnity’s Dan Schatt: Crypto Trading Can Be Safe

Although decentralized finance, or DeFi, is picking up steam worldwide, it is still primarily viewed as the Wild Wild West of finance. Fortunately, trading in cryptocurrency can, in fact, be safe, according to Dan Schatt and Domenic Carosa, the fintech veterans at the new crypto marketplace Earnity. Let’s take a look at the security issues surrounding crypto and how this new platform addresses this.

Years ago, cryptocurrency was viewed as a tool for illegal dark web activities, including terror financing, ransomware, and money laundering. However, the actual objective behind its creation was to create a globalized decentralized financial system. Sadly, everyday users began to treat cryptocurrencies like commodities versus currencies due to their volatility. And many users feared that exchanging crypto wouldn’t be secure.

Fortunately, Earnity is bringing security to the crypto space.

Dan Schatt and Domenic Carosa, who are leading finance, crypto, and technology veterans, said they understand how important security is. That is one reason that Earnity treated security as a priority when creating the platform. The platform employs certified security experts with decades of expertise in solving challenging cyber crimes. Earnity has also utilized significant resources in the industry’s top security tools as well as penetration testing and security assessments by third parties.

When people sign up for the platform, they will receive emails only from the domain name @earnity.com. If they receive emails from a similar domain name, they can rest assured that those emails do not come from the marketplace. In addition, users of the platform will never be asked to transfer their money to other accounts, including third-party applications, cryptocurrency wallet addresses, or bank accounts. This provides yet another layer of security for its users.

All in all, platform users can expect an extremely safe crypto learning and buying experience every time they enter the marketplace, according to Schatt and Carosa.