Guide for Requesting a Replacement or New Social Security Card

General information about Social Security: The Social Security system was established in the 1930s to provide financial support to the disabled and the elderly. Employers and employees have to pay social security taxes to contribute to this fund. All United States citizens and permanent residents, or persons with Green Card, possess a unique social security number in order to keep records of funds that have been established, as well as to allocate benefits to those who have the right to receive them.

Procedure for Replacing your Social Security Card

If you are holding Social Security information for your child, keep the important documents, but tell them their number before you store them in a safe, remote place. Now in the event that you lose them and need to request a replacement card, you need the child’s social security number. When you report the lost card, the Social Security Administration takes notice of them, but is willing to issue a replacement card free of charge. The term is 10 substitute cards for life if lost within more than three year periods.

Accepted Documentation

Provide child identification SSA when requesting a replacement card. Accepted documents are driving licenses issued by the State or an official passport. If you do not have such certifications, medical records or school ID cards it will be hard to have your request accepted by the state. For example, certificates of birth are not accepted.

Download the form from the website of the Social Security Administration and print on white paper. Fill in the information, make sure to include the social security number on your child’s second line, check the box on line 11′ yes, and enter your name as indicated on line 12 in the original document. Next to the question for who is a parent or guardian sign it for them, children over 18 must sign if they are physically capable.

Complete your application and mail it to your local social security office. T However, if your child is a resident of Las Vegas, Orlando, Phoenix, Sacramento or Minneapolis / Saint Paul, you must present yourself in a local SSA office. Allow the child to enter the new card for up to two weeks from the time you made the paperwork for a replacement card.

Make sure that you have an ID card ready. The Social Security Administration needs to see the original copy (not a photocopy) of the identification. This may include a driving license, a passport, a marriage certificate, a divorce sentence or paperwork, depending on the specific situation. Complete the required forms carefully and full. Make sure you print legibly in blue or black ink only.

If you’re replacing your social security card or someone closer to you bring the original copies of the necessary identity documents. You can also submit forms and proof of identity documents for the Social Security Administration. However, candidates must appear in person in at the SSA office if it is for the first time in twelve years or more. Wait for the new social security card to be sent to your physical address. If you need help from your social security card right away, the SSA office can provide a form of temporary use until the social security card arrives.

Other Reasons For Requesting a New Social Security Card

Some temporary visitors, students and workers with nonimmigrant visas, are sometimes required, obtain a Social Security number. The Social Security card is a very important document in the United States. Not only does it provide people with certain benefits once they retire, but employers, banks, schools and the entire USCIS use the social security card as a form of identification. Social Security is a complex system that is linked to many other databases and government services.

Information Available on the SSA Site

  • Information about the Social Security system
  • Purpose of Social Security
  • Why get a Social Security number
  • Eligibility information for US citizens and permanent residents (people with Green Card)
  • Eligibility information for temporary workers, students and visitors
  • How to request a Social Security number as part of the immigration process
  • How to apply for a Social Security number after arriving in the United States
  • The differences between the types of Social Security cards issued to US citizens. and foreigners.
  • Requirements for the application of the social security number
  • Description of the application processes
  • Contact information for the Social Security Administration and the IRS
  • How to get free Social Security application forms
  • Information about the ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) for people who are not eligible for a Social Security Number

Eligibility requirements for the Social Security card:  

Anyone looking for work in the United States needs a Social Security number and a Social Security card. A Social Security number is also necessary when filing taxes. Not everyone is eligible to receive a Social Security card. Social Security cards are normally only issued to US citizens, permanent residents or people with Green Card, and people with work permits in the United States. However, there are 2 types of social security cards that are issued to foreigners without a work permit, as well as to foreign students and people with temporary visas.

You should order the Green Card Renewal Guide in one or more of the following cases:


Important: Individuals who are not eligible to obtain a Social Security number can request an ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) .

The Guide to apply for the social security card is a complete and informative guide on Social Security and contains everything the applicant needs to know about the application of this important document. The following section goes over steps for those needing replacement Social Security documentation.

Something you must know in order to protect Social Security Number:

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) reportedly received complaints from people claiming that officials of the US Social Security Administration contacted them, with the goal of obtaining social security numbers or even money. The SSA has been investigating as a result of such fraud.

According to the SSA’s guidelines for prevention, if you are a victim of this type of fraud, call to report the social security of the person associated with such a heinous act. If so, the agencies will block your social security number.

Under no circumstances will the Social Security Administration (SSA) ever call to request your social security number. They will never charge you and will not threaten you with a loss of your benefits.

Be sure not to give someone who contacts you your social security number. Even confirming the last 4 digits of your social over a call can be dangerous. The same goes for anyone asking you to enter your bank account or credit card number.

Never forget that anyone who requests money from you, whether the payment is with a debit card or check, is most likely a fraud. It doesn’t matter who they say they are, do not trust them.

If you ever speculate that someone calling your phone is a fraud claiming to belong to a government agency such as the social security administration, then by all means, cease communication. Contact the official Social Security Administration instead. The number is 1-800-772-1213. If you notice fraud activity, you can also report it at