How Can I File a Claim Against the BSA If I’ve Been Sexually Assaulted?

Back in early February, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) filed for bankruptcy and sneakily informed former members of a short, 80-day window to file for claims of sexual assault. This piece of information was buried deep in the thousands of pages submitted in the bankruptcy claim. Victims were enraged not only for its disingenuous nature but the brevity of the opportunity to come forth concerning sexual abuse. Abuse survivors and their lawyers seek compensation and public hearings but ready themselves for an unfair fight. If you have become a victim, we urge you to stay informed with a complete guide provided by the sexual abuse lawyers at Riddle & Brantley to filing a claim against the Boy Scouts of America. Victims of sexual abuse by staff of the BSA must prepare themselves now on how to successfully file a claim against the organization to get the justice they deserve.

Sexual Abuse Claims Pouring In

The BSA is currently facing approximately 1,700 cases of current and potential lawsuits concerning the sexual abuse of children, though it continues to present itself as a wholesome organization. Representatives argue that they have nothing to hide, and continue to paint the BSA as a charitable organization, having accomplished much for several communities in America. While their contributions to the nations have been great in past decades, the BSA will be hard-pressed to overcome their legacy of assault.

Victims and their legal representation are fuming over the extremely short period provided to come forth and file claims. Paul Mones, who has represented dozens of BSA sexual abuse survivors, said:

“Boy Scouts of America wants to see Boy Scouts of America proceed, if possible, as if this never happened and that the men who were abused as Scouts, their issues just have to be dealt with and let the Boy Scouts proceed.” In order for restitution to be delivered appropriately, however, Mones confirmed that the window for filing must be extended. He regarded the 80 days as “way too short,” saying that “People have waited decades to come forward.”

How to File a Sexual Assault Claim Against the BSA

If you are one of the thousands of victims of sexual assault by a figure in the BSA, then you have a right to compensation and to seek justice. To file your sexual assault claim against this organization, you must contact an experienced Boy Scouts lawsuit lawyer. They will be familiar with the inner workings of the organization and will listen to your experience and investigate it further to construct the best path toward justice.

You are not obligated to file this claim in such a way that makes your identity known. If it is easier for you, you can opt to file your own anonymous sexual assault claim, or even join an existing sexual abuse lawsuit. This is ideal for those who are facing difficulty sharing such sensitive information. Either way, make sure to do this quickly. Since the BSA has filed for bankruptcy, they may be exempt from the responsibility of financially compensating victims upon a guilty verdict. This should come at no expense to you. Seek out a lawyer who will get you results, with no upfront fees for consultation. Get the justice you deserve by contacting an experienced Boy Scouts lawsuit lawyer today.