How Online Casinos Have Affected Land Based Casinos

Land based casinos are casinos that have a physical premises and are also known as brick and mortar casinos.  Casinos may also include services such as bars, restaurants and hotel rooms.  These casinos can be found in all cities and towns around the world and cities such as Las Vegas and Atlantic City are famous casino cities.  Online casinos are virtual casinos and allow players to play casino games from their computer or mobile device.  They are very similar to land based casinos but usually have better odds.

Online casinos seem to be posing a threat to land based casinos.  Many players who used land based casinos are now playing at online casinos.  Online casinos attract all kinds of players, from high rollers to beginners who are just starting out.  When online casinos first came on the gaming scene it had definitely affected land based casinos.  There are many casinos competing for a part of this very lucrative market.  The casinos that do not make the cut are those that do not offer their players what they need.

Online is More Convenient

Accessing online casinos and games like real money blackjack is convenient and is a very important factor as playing online can be done anywhere and from any device.  There are also sites that have a mobile option enabling casino players to play casino games from their smartphones and tablets.  This convenience factor makes it much more difficult for land based casinos to compete with online casinos.

The Social Aspect

Land based casinos do offer the social experience which is unique to playing at a real live casino.  Casino players are able to interact with one another and to enjoy the social atmosphere that land based casinos offer.  Being able to interact with friends and play casino games is not an aspect that online casinos can easily replicate.  Not all casino players are looking for this type of experience though, they really just want to play casino games.

Choice of Games

Online casino players will also have a wider range of casino games to choose from which means they are a bit more fussy.  They are no longer interested in playing the usual casino games, but want slots with more reels and casino games with bonuses and themed games.  This variety is what makes online casino games so much more popular.  The fact that online casinos have to remain competitive is another reason that online casinos have to constantly be offering new and more exciting games in order to keep their players happy.

Land based casino do not offer players a large variety of games and there are also less variants.  This makes playing online a much more appealing option especially for players who are looking for a twist on a traditional casino game.  Land based and online casinos will both offer games such as video slots so players can play online from home or from a casino if they choose.

There are constantly new online casinos, but land based casinos are in decline.  This is mainly due to their high overheads.  Online casinos do also have overheads, developing and maintain the site, but they are not as high as land based casinos.

At the moment the two casinos exist alongside one another, but it seems that online casinos are becoming more popular as the world moves into the digital realm.