How to have a clean divorce?

A divorce is never an easy thing. It is messy and disruptive.  It causes immense damage to the family, and disrupts the social fabric of society. However, it is something that is really needed considering that it is better to separate than to be in an unhappy or toxic relationship. And all efforts should be taken to ensure that the divorce is not messy or problematic, and that the two individuals involved are allowed to get back to their lives with minimum hassles. Whatever be the reason for the divorce, for the sake of kids and everything, it is necessary that a proper plan and arrangement of alimony be made so that the couple can live happily ever after, even without each other.

Why is alimony important?

Alimony distribution can be a very easy thing to do if you know what to do. It is usually calculated by offering 40 percent of the earning spouse’s income. Often times, if assets are divided equally, then alimony may not be considered. However, if assets aren’t divided equally, often times, up-to 50 percent of the spousal income has to be divided between the both. Alimony and child support are often clubbed together or paid separately depending on the type of the situation.

Alimony can be of two types-

The first kind of alimony is the type of alimony that has to be paid for the lifetime. However if the marriage lasts for a shorter time, then the alimony will not be paid properly.  Also, if the divorced spouse decides to remarry or may enter into another official relationship, then the spouse will not get any more alimony. One of the major points to discuss is figuring out alimony. The rules may be adjusted as per the need of the couple. Often times, the alimony can be excused if the other spouse has a job or is in stable condition financially.  However, the man traditionally is expected to support the woman; however times are a-changing.  Child support takes the major precedence over the payment for the ex-wife or ex-husband.

The other kind of alimony is for a limited period for time, required only till the wife or the husband settles in a new job or gets a new stable arrangement. Also after a certain period of time, alimony can be waived off by the receiving spouse.

Divorce is always a rather tough situation. But if a few rules are followed, it can be ensured that there is no problem within solving the matter. It is a sad state of affairs, but both sides should be allowed to leave as they please and then allowed to live as they please. The modern world needs better and faster methods to find out way for figuring out alimony; and the quicker they do it the better, the transition will be easier for other couples.