Interesting news regarding the gambling industry in 2016





Brazil: legalization of a gambling industry

As the Financial Times states, Brazilian authorities can legalize a gambling industry by changing a 70-year-old-ban for increasing tax revenue in the country’s budget. Such propositions are discussed in lower as well as upper houses of parliament. Mainly, the authorities can allow foreign companies lead business in Brazil under the condition of mutual enterprises with local firms. “If Brazil allows gambling, it will immediately become one of the most considerable events in the history of the whole gambling industry”- says the statement of a British bookmaker’s office William Hill. Meanwhile, appearing of international players in a Brazilian market depends on the size of a tax. As experts tend to think, the bet will most probably be close to average figures – about 30% for income of gambling establishments and reduced bet for online-casinos. It is also noted that a 15-20% is very comfortable for websites with multiple games, such as for instance – It offers a variety of no deposit slots uk, which attract so many players from all over the world.

Kenya: approval of a law

In Kenya, members of the parliament have approved a law-in-draft called “About bets, lotteries, and gambling” that was submitted to the National Assembly of the parliament in June 2016. The law stipulates an increase of a tax for gambling in the country. Lotteries will be obliged to pay a tax in an amount of 5%, casino – 12%, and quiz organizers – 15% for a gross income, which will be determined by the cost of participation. The authorities claim that additional income from taxes for gambling business will let improve the condition of roads as well as health services.

Ukraine: second try

The parliament of Ukraine does its best to improve the situation with the budget. One of the best solutions to do this is to legalize casinos on the territory of the country. Let’s remind that the first attempt to do this was at the end of the year 2014 when the ministry submitted a law to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. Yet, the law was not accepted, speaking in favor of anticorruption requirements. According to the new law, there will be 3 types of games: lotteries, bookmaker’s offices, and casinos. The main distinction from the first variant is based on the fact that organizers can be a legal body whose capital is minimum 2 million Euros. The main condition for casino managerial personnel is absence of criminal convictions. The rest of the conditions are pretty standard: dealers should be over 21 and players over 18.