Memories In The Making – Picking The Perfect Memorial Headstone And Other Funeral Information


It’s something that no one wants to ever have to deal with, but sadly as death is a part of life and being alive, we will all inevitably have to deal with planning a funeral at some time or other. But just what steps are there in planning a funeral? What should you consider? It can be a difficult time to say the least and the last thing you need is to be running around in circles looking for information. Here we break it down into the top things you will need to do or consider after the death of a loved one.

Choose A Funeral Director

A funeral director can help provide necessary support and can complete a number of tasks that you may not want to during your difficult time. Picking a funeral director can seem like a hugely daunting and overwhelming task but it doesn’t have to. Keep in mind that you can also shop around and pick the right company to assist you and your family and that not all companies are the same. If you don’t like one company, move onto another one. After all, this is an important time and making sure you and your family are comfortable is hugely important to making sure everything goes as smoothly as it can. It can help to talk to a friend or family member who has been through this before so you know what kinds of questions to ask and what to look out for. Be sure to write these questions down – you may not remember them under the stress and emotion of actually meeting the funeral director. Also be aware that many will offer to come and chat to you in your own home which can help put you at ease.

Cremation Or Burial?

One of the big questions is cremation or burial. These days more people are choosing cremation due to the fact that their loved ones can then be taken home to be kept in the home in an urn or other remembrance place or their families can choose when and where to spread their ashes. If you’re opting for burial, you will need to go about choosing a memorial headstone so that you have a place to mark the resting place. These can come in a variety of shapes, styles, colours, finishes and the like. Some can even have laser photography done into the stonework to create a truly unique representation of the deceased person’s life and can include their favourite things or something they were well known for.

Wills And Estates

One of the most arduous things in the sense of how long they can take to get everything sorted out. Be sure to take the will to an approved party following the death and to arrange readings and the like. If your loved one doesn’t have a will it will cause a significant headache for you in terms of properties and finances that were held by the deceased, so encourage them to look into getting a will done before it’s too late. If they have passed and don’t have one, be sure to pick a well known, trusted law firm.

Funerals and associated plans can be seriously unpleasant to have to deal with, so be sure you think in advance on things that can be done to lessen the headache when it comes time. This can also be done with wills when your loved one is still alive. If not, take your time and be sure to be comfortable with all aspects of the process. Don’t settle for something you aren’t happy with.