Possible Ways You Can Get Your Red Light Camera Ticket Dismissed


A red light camera ticket can be expensive, but there are ways to try and beat it, especially with the help of a traffic ticket attorney. Here are some ways you can have your ticket dismissed:

Keep Your Court Date

If you entered the intersection before the light turned red and have a clean driving record (no collisions, parking tickets or moving violations within the last 3 years), then you have a case and should show up at your court date. There are several possibilities for ticket dismissal if you are present in court.

Talk to the Prosecuting Attorney

Show up before your assigned time and ask the prosecuting attorney for a dismissal or a 6-month deferral. If you have a clean driving record and go 6 months without any violations, the ticket can be dismissed.

Ask the Judge for a Dismissal

If you ask for a dismissal, your clean driving record can be enough for the judge to honor your request. Your ticket will automatically be dismissed if the police officer who issued the ticket is absent from court.

State the Circumstances

The following defenses can persuade the judge to dismiss your ticket:

  • A semitruck or other big vehicle was driving in front of you and prevented you from seeing the red light until you were already driving into the intersection.
  • The officer was in a location where he or she could not see the light from the same angle you did.
  • The driver behind you was tailgating, or the roads were wet; therefore, you had to enter the intersection to prevent a wreck.

Take Your Case to Trial

If the judge does not rule in your favor, you can ask for the case to go to trial.

Act Now

If you received a red light camera ticket in California, you do not have to fight it alone. A Sacramento speeding ticket lawyer can also help you with your red light camera ticket. Call The Ticket Clinic today at 1-800-248-2846 or fill out the online contact form.