Quit Cigarettes and Find An Online Tobacco Vape Shop

The dangers which cigarettes pose to our lives is very real and whilst we all know the clear dangers that exist, there are still so many of us who are trapped in the addiction and who simply cannot quit. I say this as someone who had a dreadful time trying to quit and after 6 times trying I was eventually able to find the solution. Now of course there are different ways to quit, and we are all different in terms of what works for us. Despite this, one of the most common ways which you will find to quit is through vaping and if you have not yet tried this, here is why you should be on the look out for an online tobacco vape shop.

The Smoking Experience

The issue that I had when it came to finding something to replace cigarettes was something that could actually replace that experience for me. For example using patches meant that I was getting the right amount of nicotine to help me get through those first couple of days, but there was nothing to do with my hands or my mouth. Vaping however completely recreates this experience and the only difference of course is that you are inhaling and blowing out water vapour rather than smoke. For me this was one of the biggest reasons that I was able to ditch the cigs.

Getting Rid Of The Harm

Many believe that nicotine, because of its addictive nature, is in fact addictive. The truth is however is that nicotine is the least harmful product in a cigarette. The harm from this addiction is in fact in the carcinogens and the chemicals which are added to the tobacco, which is what you will be giving up when you quit cigarettes and instead look towards vaping.

Same Old Song

It is not just the physical habit of smoking which is tough to replace of course, but also the habit of going out with friends for a smoke, or lighting up whilst you drive. This is something that you can also replace with vaping and the habit is almost identical. For me, working in the office, many of my friends had actually been made through the heading off for a cigarette, and this was something that I was able to continue even after giving up cigarettes.

Nicotine Management

I have to say that one of the most welcoming aspects of vaping was that you have it in your power to manage your own levels of nicotine. This is because the products that you can buy when it comes to vaping allow you to be able to smoke varying levels of the substance. I have friends who actually used this to cut out nicotine altogether, personally I like the little buzz which it gives and so I have used these products to gradually lower my intake, something which you certainly cannot do with cigarettes.

If you can’t ditch the cigs, try vaping instead.