South Bay Energy – Simple Tips to Save Energy Around The Home

Despite what many people believe there is a great deal which you can do in the home to reduce the amount of energy which you are using. A use of excessive energy in the home doesn’t just harm the planet, it will also have a much bigger impact on your finances. There are literally hundreds of ways in which you can save energy around the home and we spoke to the team at South Bay Energy to find out which are the most effective. Why not give these tips a try and watch your energy bills tumble!


Whether you are looking to heat the home for when you wake up or arrive back from work, or calling the home for those moments, using a timer can massively help you to reduce how much money you are spending. There is no need to have the heating come on at 5 in the morning if you are getting up at 7, you can set the timer to switch on between 7-8 to ensure that you wake up to the temperature which you need.

General Rules

There are some general rules which you can implement in the home which can help you to save money on your energy. If you are cold then put more clothes on rather than heating up the whole house, make sure that you close doors in order to stop heat or cold getting out, swishing off gadget chargers when they are not in use, switching off lights when you leave a room, washing dishes rather than using the dishwasher. These are all simple rules which can make a huge impact on your energy bills.

Window and Doors

If your windows and doors are not properly sealed then you are quite literally going to be watching money escape the home. If you have the heating or the AC on and the windows and doors have gaps in them, the air is just going to escape out of there and you will have no benefit. To seal windows and doors is not expensive and you should always make sure that you check to ensure that there are no leaks which could be costing you money.

Energy Efficient

There is  huge range of energy efficient products which you can put in your home that will help you to greatly reduce the cost of your energy bills. These range from household appliances such as fridges and washing machines, to the lightbulbs in your home. The government gives energy efficiency ratings to these items so that you can be sure that they are trustworthy and most importantly, that they are going to work. These products are built in such as way that makes sure they use as little energy as possible. The extra cost which you spend on these items will come back as savings over time, such is the reduction in energy usage which you will see.

Save money and save the planet by being more energy efficient in the home.