The Best Christmas Shopping Spots in New Jersey Revealed!

If you’re visiting New Jersey this Christmas, why not avail yourself of the many wonderful retail opportunities in the area? There is a little bit of everything, so even the fussiest shopper is bound to find something they will enjoy. 

Pop to Outlet Malls 

Outlet malls are a cheap and cheerful way to snag some great bargains for your loved ones this Christmas. The rent and overheads in outlet malls tends to be much lower than on, for example, Fifth Avenue, to use an extreme example, so the manufacturers can afford to sell their items for a much lower price in outlet malls. Make the most of it and stock up on gifts for everyone – and why not hire a limo to make getting there and back part of the experience? Find the best NJ limo service here, and book a driver and capacious car that will have room for you, your shopping companion and all your new wonderful purchases! 

Buy from Boutiques 

Boutiques offer a unique shopping experience with one-off designs that are guaranteed to be one of a kind, and made from distinctive and wonderfully tactile fabrics. Splurge on a little outfit to wear when hosting the family for Christmas and you will be sure to turn all heads, even before you bring out all the delicious food that you’ve been preparing. 

Browse Around Shopping Malls 

Shopping malls are something of a one-stop destination, with the bigger ones having plenty for you to see and do and try out, from amazing restaurants which range from haute cuisine to the cheap, cheerful and utterly delicious. Work up an appetite first though, by exploring the plethora of shops that crowd into malls, all taking advantage of their proximity to other shops to attract footfall and get customers through the door. Most shopping malls have one, two or sometimes even three large flagship stores, all of which are well worth visiting, even just to browse around – but you will almost certainly end up buying something: it is too hard to resist the delightful bargains you will find! 

Take in Some Independent Stores 

But perhaps the best place to do some Christmas shopping is at one of the many small and unusual independent stores that you will find hidden away, like buried treasures, on backroads and out of the way places. Ask your friends and families for ideas about which independent shops to try out and not only will you find some truly unique and beautifully crafted items, but you will often be helping a family-run business survive or making a sole trader’s dream come true. Buying from these small unique companies can sometimes be a minor inconvenience – they don’t necessarily come with all the delivery contracts and insurances that larger companies can provide – but it is well worth it to have a community of flourishing artisans, artists and craftsmen providing an alternative to the large, faceless corporations.