The Online Services You Should be Using to Make Your Life Easier

If you’re living a busy life, it’s well worth taking a look at how you can make it easier. The demands of life, from caring for ourselves, our homes and our families just about balance with one partner out at work and one doing housework, but economics demands two salaries per family home, which leaves an additional person’s worth of work to divide between you.

The least you can do is take advantage of the internet to lower the burden you bear from day to day. We’re taking a look at some of the online services that you really should be using to make your life easier.


If you own a pet, then you’ll know that getting it to the vet is one of the most stressful experiences you can do short of divorce, bereavement or moving house – and that’s for you and your pet!

Look for an online veterinarian – these services can save you a lot of vet visits, as well as money! An online vet has some limitations – no blood tests, no detailed close up exams – but they can help monitor your pet’s health, offer advice about how to care for them at home and most crucially, tell you when you need to get them to the bricks and mortar vet!


It’s a rare house that doesn’t have a chaotic folder or drawer full of manuals for every device in the house as well as many long departed. Ditch the drawer and use this online resource that archives every manual for every device and appliance the worldwide community can find, and makes them available for free online.

Next time you need to reprogram your DVD player or change the time on the oven, don’t search the document drawer, download a clean, searchable document to your phone!

Online Lawyers and Accountants

If you run a small business, or you’re self-employed – and that’s somewhere between five ten million people in the UK – then you’re going to need legal advice at some point. It’s unwise to leave a contract unchecked, to register your business without expert legal help, to think about growing your business without checking what new responsibilities and costs you’re creating for yourself.

Using online legal and financial services can get you that information quickly, cheaply and with a flexibility that bricks and mortar offices often can’t offer. If you’re in need of legal or financial advice, want to tailor a contract to your needs, or make sure that the contracts you’re signing are really getting you what you’ll need, look into online lawyers!