Throughout Covid-19 Corporate Housing Ensures Safety of Clients

With the exception of the hard lockdown which we saw at the beginning of the year, the country has still to some extent been ticking along. What we saw as a result of some of the rules which have been in place, was the rerouting of certain services and business. A perfect example of this would be corporate housing, as hotels weren’t allowed to open, corporate housing didn’t fall under the same category so those who were traveling for business, would stay in these places in lieu of a hotel.

Even through Covid-19 Corporate housing management teams were able to offer its guests the very highest standard of care during their time with them, and here is how they were able to achieve it.

Staff Training on New Measures

Staffing remained minimal yet even the skeleton staffing which were working in these properties were trained on the new safety measures which would be employed. This of course meant a focus on distancing, cleaning and the importance of washing hands, wearing a mask and checking temperatures. This training was not just to show staff what most of them already knew, it was about giving them the confidence to manage things under the new normal, which in turn allowed guests to have full trust that they were staying somewhere safe.

Important Cleaning Upgrades

Given that people were going to be regularly staying in these apartments the management teams very quickly highlighted expert cleaning teams who would come in and completely sanitize the space on a daily basis. This not only ensures that guests and staff were completely safe inside the buildings, it again gives guests that level of trust that they are being well catered for.

Closure of Amenities

Tough steps had to be taken by corporate housing management teams, such as temporarily laying off staff and closing amenities which would usually be something to entice guests. Gyms and pools were closed, so too bars and meeting areas, in what soon became necessary steps to take. The speed in which these decisions were taken meant that they were able to offer a safe place to stay for anyone who needed it.

Price Adjustments

Many in the corporate housing world felt that some money was better than nothing and so we saw some sizable reductions on the cost of rentals. This of course was designed to both bring in more customers and to deliver a great price to customers who may have been struggling. We even saw some companies focus their efforts on the amazing healthcare workers, offering them rooms and apartments with huge discounts.

This is an industry which, like so many, was forced to very quickly change and put many safety measures in place in order to survive. I would say that seeing what the corporate housing companies have done, has been incredible and their approach towards being smart in business but also ensuring protection for their guests has been exemplary.