Using a Cryptocurrency ATM

Cryptocurrency is fast growing worldwide and with that growth comes demand for quick buying and selling, this is being made possible with the use of a Cryptocurrency ATM. You may be unfamiliar with a Cryptocurrency ATM but you may be surprised at how widely available they are.

Recent numbers suggest that there are over 7000 Cryptocurrency machines all over the world. It is said that 75 different countries now have and are using these machines. As long as the demand for Cryptocurrency continues to grow so too does the need for Cryptocurrency ATMs which is why there is an increase in to the number of machines being installed every day. You are likely to find these machines in public places such as airports, shopping malls, restaurants and taverns. If Cryptocurrency exchange is something that you are involved in or you are seriously considering getting involved in then there is a high importance on doing your research. The value of Cryptocurrency can fluctuate so sometimes you will be highly rewarded for your purchase but sadly, at times, you can be left running on a loss. It is something to seriously consider and you want to be sure you know as much as possible about all aspects of buying, selling and their value before making any kind of purchase.

A Cryptocurrency ATM is a machine that allows you to buy Cryptocurrency by using cash, debit card and more recently even some credit cards but be sure to check with your provider first. You can find Cryptocurrency ATMs that will allow you to both buy and sell Cryptocurrency; however, some machines will require that you have an existing Cryptocurrency account before making a transaction. These Cryptocurrency ATM machines are connected to the internet to allow cash or credit card transactions and they do not connect to a bank account they connect directly to the user for Cryptocurrency exchange.

The good thing about a Cryptocurrency ATM machine is that you can now use it to deposit money, once you have deposited money the ATM machine will either print an offline wallet for you or it will send cryptocurrency to your Bitcoin wallet. If you want the cryptocurrency to be sent to your wallet then there is the option to scan a QR code using the Cryptocurrency ATM scanner. Using the unique QR code and scanner will ensure that the Cryptocurrency is transferred straight in to your wallet. There are no suggestions that you would need to use any ID when buying Cryptocurrency at an ATM. They do not require you to disclose your identity or any facial of fingerprint identification it means that you can just simply buy Cryptocurrency from designated ATMs for a flat currency.

There are fees included when using a Cryptocurrency ATM, every machine will be different but most machines charge an average transaction fee of 8.93%. Cryptocurrency ATMs typically charge a percentage as opposed to a flat fee that you would get at a normal bank ATM. The limit to any daily withdrawal amount is $5000.