What should you serve at a Harry Potter-themed party?

Believe it or not, it’s well over two decades since the first Harry Potter book was released. It means that it is now spanning generations and perhaps unsurprisingly, it’s still capturing plenty of attention.

Even though today’s children didn’t grow up with the books, they are still infatuated with them. The movies have of course been and gone, as has plenty of merchandise. Ultimately, Harry Potter-themed parties are completely in fashion, and the nature of them means that you can get utterly creative when it comes to your menu.

Today’s post will take you through some of the options you should consider.

Bar orders first – it must be butterbeer

As we’ll soon find out, there are plenty of options that you have at your disposal when it comes to a party of this ilk, but something that you can’t ignore is butterbeer. This is the classic beverage of the series and for those unaware, no, it doesn’t contain any form of alcohol.

If you look hard enough, there are all sorts of recipes out there. We found this one, which just requires six ingredients (all of which are relatively easy to source).

And for those who are OBSESSED with butterbeer…

If the thought of butterbeer really does get your pulse racing, then let’s go one step further. This time, it’s in the form of a butterbeer cake. Yes, you heard correctly.

The beauty about this invention is that it is almost too easy to make. Again, there’s no need to worry about alcohol, and eight ingredients and a ping in the microwave later and your butterbeer cake will be ready to eat.

Check out this recipe over here.

Keep it simple with candy

OK, so you’re not going to piece together a meal with these suggestions, but at least in terms of party bags or just snacks through the day why not turn to a chocolate magic wand, or better still, Bertie Bott’s Jelly Beans?

There is now an endless list of Harry Potter-themed candy and we’re pretty sure most hosts will find space for some of it.

Mini golden snitches

For those who are looking for relatively straightforward recipes, this next suggestion might be right up your street. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a kitchen wizard, with this idea being simple cake pops decorated with golden sprinkles and white fondant.

There’s an added bonus with this suggestion as well – as the original recipe actually uses a gluten-free cake mix.

Some might suggest that the snitches look like something you might find in LOL packaging but for a kid’s party at least, they are perfect.

Next onto cupcake cauldrons

As we all know, we’re in the age of the cupcake. If there’s any sort of theme, there is usually some sort of cupcake nearby.

However, we have to take our hats off to this next suggestion, which takes the modern-day cupcake one-step further. The recipe is named a cauldron cupcake, and it’s no surprise why. They have made a lifelike cauldron using piping and marshmallow fluff, with the former being smartly manipulated into the handles. It’s a great effort – and well worth of any Harry Potter party.

Finishing off with something savory

So far, much of our round-up has come in the form of sweet goods (after all, it is a kid’s party).

This final suggestion comes in the form of something savory, but it’s a genius invention. The team at Good to Know have come up with Cheesy broomsticks which don’t just look great on the eye, they are ridiculously easy to make. The “ridiculously easy” element comes through the fact that they use just two ingredients – yet look completely like the famous Nimbus 2000 from the movies.