What to Look For in a Fireplace Screen

Finding the right fireplace screen for your property can be quite a challenge. It is important therefore, that before you begin to search for ‘fire place screens near me’ on the search engine, that first you have a good understanding of what exactly it is that you should bear in mind before you go off looking. Over the years fireplace screens have changed a great deal in terms of what we want from them, and this is why it is important to break down which will be the ideal screen for your needs at home.

Here then are some fo the things which you need to consider.


When we talk about how things have changed over the years with regards to fire place screens, we are talking about how style now plays such an important part. This in fact is a huge factor in your decision making process, but we must not forget that this ultimately is a functional item which we need in the home for the fire. A good fire place screen is there to prevent the floor from getting dirty or from piping hot embers shooting out of the fire, at which point of course it becomes a real risk. This is why you should focus on both style and substance when it comes to buying your new fire place screen.


No matter what metal you decide to buy for your fire place screen, it can be painted with an array of colors which will suit your room and its design. This is something worth bearing in mind as you will of course have to buy a certain type of paint which will not melt in the heat.

Style of the Fire Place Screen

The metal work which is available now for fire place screens can be stunning and this is another factor which you are going to have to consider. The way in which the metal is bended, folded and shaped is nothing short of remarkable and depending on what sort of style you have at home, you can find a screen which is really going to compliment it. From chic to rustic, modern to industrial, there is a wide array of styles which you can choose from.

Cost of Your Fire Place Screen

And of course the cost is going to be a huge factor in your decision as to which fireplace screen is for you. Because of the changing cost of so many metals, as well as the extra value for fire screens which have been handmade to a very high standard, the prices vary wildly. There is something for every budget but going into this you should have a figure in mind for how much you are looking to spend, as this will help to guide your other options.

Take your time with this decision and be sure to get the fire place screen which both adds style to the room, and also function.