What You Need to Know Before Choosing a Pest Control Company

Narrowing down your choices from the thousands of pest control companies out there can be rather complicated.

Unfortunately for you, not every business is created equally, meaning you’ll have to go through the process of finding what matches your personal preferences.

This guide is designed to showcase everything you need to know about choosing the right company for your pest control needs.

Now, whether you choose to go with an entity that is local to your area or with a big chain. Local pest control companies will probably be less costly and may know about local pests and how to deal with them. For example, pests that would be taken care of by pest control Utah County, California services would be handled better by a company that is local to the area. All pest control companies offer services that come down to one thing – ridding your household or building from insects.

However, this doesn’t mean that each company operates in the same fashion. By breaking down prospective companies by services rendered, prices, and the pest control approach, you’ll have a better understanding of what fits your personal preference and budget.


Many pest control companies operate without being registered to apply pesticides by the Pesticide Regulatory Agency. As you already know, companies that offer services without being accredited is already a red flag on its own.

Always make sure that company you’re about to hire has the appropriate licenses, certificates, insurance, and registration.

Service Contracts

A variety of pest control companies utilize a service contract that involves ongoing treatment for a particular type of insect.

This makes sense for large-scaled businesses or warehouses that can be infested with cockroaches.

However, for homeowners, it isn’t wise to perform routine pesticide applications unless there’s a constant infestation or the applicator informs you that it’s necessary.

Instead, periodic inspections should be included in the service contract, but no pesticide will be applied unless there are no other means to control the situation.

Additionally, you’ll want to understand what types of services the pest control company can offer. For instance, do they use an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach or a traditional monthly spray contract? It never hurts to know the benefits of both.

Review the Chemicals Involved

Ask the prospective company what pesticides will be utilized, the active ingredients, and if they have any nasty side effects on pets, the environment, and people – there are “green” pest control companies out there too if you’re into that.

You may also want to take a look at the legal requirements that specify what precautions to take after the pesticide application. Your preferred company should provide you with detailed information on all of the safety precautions for each pesticide that is used during the service.

Never Skim the Contract

The company that you want must be transparent and provide you with information on your current pest problem, what’s going to be used to treat the problem, and why this application technique is being chosen.

Furthermore, if you’re only dealing with a small infestation¬†within your closet, for example, it shouldn’t cost you the same amount that a full servicing would. This is why it’s crucial that you understand the market value of prices – which can fluctuate depending on the state that you live in.

An ideal contract should include the length of the service offered, the type of treatment, the price, and a guarantee.

Speaking of which, having a guarantee on a contract will protect you from a multitude of problems. Be sure to check the contract for details – which may include possible exclusions. For instance, can you opt out of the contract without a penalty or if a possible dispute were to occur, is there any arbitration clause in place?

The Bottom Line

Hiring a reputable pest control company will take some time. However, it doesn’t have to turn into a giant headache if you know what it is that you’re looking for in an ideal company.

Take the appropriate amount of time to do research, and while you might want to emphasize a hasty approach, you could end up making an irrational decision when it’s all said and done.