When playing at an online casino, what are the most profitable games?

One of the main concerns of online casino players around the world is whether it is possible to earn money playing on these online sites. Skepticism and disbelief can generate serious doubts about the profitability of betting real money on the various casino games.

The reality is that it is possible to win various prizes when playing online, you just have to be clear that these are games of chance. And, therefore, not everything will depend on the expertise or experience that the player may have, but that luck will smile on him that day.

Taste is in the variety

One of the most outstanding features of online casinos is their game portfolio and the possibility of betting low in $1 minimum deposit mobile casinos. The best online casinos must offer a wide range of these, so that the players have several options when choosing their favorite one.

We’ll briefly review the odds offered by each of the various types, to know for sure which would be the most profitable games to play at an online casino. And so we will determine if it is possible to win money betting at online casinos.

Online casino games according to the odds of winning that the house has


This game is one of the most profitable ones when playing at an online casino, contrary to what many players might think. It is a game in which the skill and cunning of the player intervenes more than luck. Although of course, chance also has its percentage of performance. The probability of the house winning while playing blackjack is the lowest of all casino games with a range between 0.13% and 1%. In addition, it is one of the games where players can get the highest winnings.

Craps or Dice

Craps or also known as the millennial game of dice, is the second game on our list with the lowest probability for the house. In this game, the casino has an advantage of between 0.6% and 1.2%. One of the advantages of this game is that it offers some types of bets that almost always benefit the player regardless of his or her level of experience. So if it’s the first time you play, you might, thanks to the luck of the beginner, get some profit.


Roulette is one of the most popular table games in online casinos. It’s the third on our list because the lowest probability of winning is 2.7%. This is given by two of the most common versions of this game, European roulette and French roulette. However, it could also appear in the fourth place on the list because the other known variant of this game, American roulette, gives the house a bigger advantage of 5.3%. The difference between both numbers is given by the configuration of the first two versions compared to American roulette. The European and French roulettes have only 0 between their numbers, while the American one has 0 and additionally 00, providing more advantage to the house.


Despite being one of the most entertaining games in online casinos, they are at the end of our list because they are, among all the selected games, the ones that give the house more probabilities of winning. There is no set number to determine this, as it depends on different factors. However, you can work on the basis of the RTP or the rate of return of the bet to the player, which are generally between 90% and 98%, depending on the maximum betting value accepted by the machine.

Therefore, players can be sure that it is possible to win money when playing at an online casino. Just keep in mind that not all games can be won equally, even if luck is on your side. And they can always choose to play the fun card and table games for free.