Where Can I Find Hunting Camps For Sale

For many the memories of being taken hunting go back to early childhood, often taken by Grandpa or Father on hunting trips several rimes each year, during different seasons.  You may have had times when you stopped hunting but it’s a past time you have probably returned to and enjoy with your own children and friends.  Taking vacation time out to go hunting can be fun and a rewarding way to relax and enjoy your recreation.  But have you considering that there are hunting camps for sale where you can buy your own piece of land where you can hunt?  Often a group of friends or a family to purchase these together so they can all use the land and the camp, it makes it more affordable as a purchase.  But how can you decide which hunting camp to buy?

Selecting From Hunting Camps For Sale

With online land agents that specialize in country land for hunting, fishing, ranches, skiing and lakeside living you have a lot more choice than you used to have when you had to just go through a few local real estate agents.  Within your budget you can now consider land in your own county plus further in your state or even beyond into other states if you and your party is happy to travel when you want to go hunting.

Your first option when choosing a piece of hunting land, once you’ve already got an idea of the location, is deciding what type of accommodation you want on the land.  Do you want housing, perhaps lodges or a large holiday home, or are you happy with a camp site where you can pitch tents or even mobile homes.  This choice can dramatically affect the price of the land because having a full working home with utilities and road access can cost more than the land itself.  Someone else has had to get permits, pay for installation of utilities and of course have the house built.  But if you’re happy to do renovation yourself it can be a very good investment and you can even choose to relocate there permanently or rent out the house as a vacation spot.

After considering what you want and your budget you next have to choose what type of land you are looking for.  Some prefer flatter land with plains and rivers, whereas you may enjoy the challenge of more densely forested hilly or even mountainous land.  Both will hold different wildlife and create challenges when it comes to hunting seasons and how to track and hunt the animals that you want.

So choosing hunting land can be an enjoyable task now you have much more choice, but your budget and land use is important to consider and also the type of hunting that you want to do.  Hunting land with accommodation, even if it is just an established camp can be a lucrative business if you are able to market it as a vacation spot and provide hunting licenses for visitors.