Why Young, Healthy Professionals Need Disability Insurance

The world is full of harsh eventualities. Sure, death and taxes are two of the most quoted examples of unavoidable aspects of life, but there are more inevitabilities that most (if not all) people have to deal with eventually. One of those is filing an insurance claim. In fact, over 2 million people are injured in car accidents every year. Unfortunately, accidents (and not just car crashes) are a part of everyday life. The problem is, many young people are convinced of their own invincibility and forgo insurance when they really need it. The truth is though, even young, healthy individuals require insurance coverage. Here’s why:

The Sooner You Sign Up, The Better

Some people may not want to sign up for a disability insurance policy in their twenties or thirties because they feel they won’t need one until many years later. While that’s a flawed argument, it’s easy to see why young professionals might want to wait until they reach middle age to consider their insurance options in depth. However, even if you take great care of yourself and diet and exercise regularly it’s still a better idea to sign up now as opposed to later. Insurance companies take a number of aspects into consideration when forming a quote, and age is one of the key factors in their decision-making process. So signing up in your youth will ensure you lock in a low rate and avoid paying high premiums later on.

Occupational Hazards

Legal definitions of disability can get quite tricky when it comes to insurance policies. Even if your job doesn’t involve strenuous physical activity, certain injuries, ailments, or diseases could prevent you from performing your current occupational duties. “Own occupation insurance” (as its name suggests) covers a list of issues that would prevent a person from doing their current job properly. (Think something along the lines of arthritis.) And it’s one reason why different professions have different insurance stipulations. Doctor disability insurance programs will naturally differ from insurance plans for letter carriers, for instance.

Forever is a Long Time

It’s not fun to think about, but as we mentioned above accidents are merely a part of life. You can’t control if or when they’ll happen –– that’s why they’re called accidents. However, you can control how you prepare for potential trouble. Therefore, getting disability insurance at a young age is a fantastic way to put your mind at ease and set yourself up with the best policies possible. Suffering a major injury and not having the proper coverage is a scenario so dark it’s difficult to even contemplate –– so instead take measures to protect yourself and your family ASAP.