3 Ways to Enhance Your Horse Racing Experience

With the Cheltenham Festival 2017 nearly upon us, what is the best way to enhance your horse racing experience? Whether you are a beginner, just starting to become interested in the exciting world of horses, or perhaps you are a seasoned equine fan who is looking to add a little more excitement to the experience, we have helpfully rounded up a few of our top tips for adding a little extra enjoyment to your experience. So, read on to find out more!

  1. Going to the track. This might sound silly but you would be surprised how many people have never actually been and seen a horse race in real life! So, let me tell you that if you are one of those people, then you are really, really, REALLY missing out. Watching a horse race has to be one of the most nail-biting and exhilarating experiences you can imagine. Watching them race towards the finish line, taking the hurdles, and hearing the roar and cheers of the jubilant crowds makes for one of the best atmospheres you can ever imagine. If you have never set foot on a race course before, we advise that you consider doing so. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity, that luckily you can repeat again and again.
  2. Betting on a race. Whilst there are many betters that have never been to an actual race, likewise, there are many people that love horse racing but that have never placed a bet. If you are one of those people, it is high time that you considered putting your money where your mouth is and having a little flutter on one of this year’s favourites at the Cheltenham festival. You do not have to bet your life savings, in fact, we recommend you don’t. A good place to find the special promotions would the Cheltenham betting 2017 by freebets.com It doesn’t even matter whether you win or not- it really is the taking part that counts and getting involved by placing a bet will open you up to a whole new way of enjoying the sport.
  3. Do your research! There is no point in doing number 1, or number 2 and not knowing what you are getting yourself into. Finding out about the history of the sport, the vital stats of all the horses, owners, and jockeys involved, and learning about the different kinds of races will help you gain a much better understanding of the event. By understanding it more, not only will your enjoyment increase but when you do come to place a bet, you stand a much better chance of picking a winner because you have done your own leg work to see which ones offer the best chances of a win!

So, there you go, these are our top three tips for enhancing your racing experience and we hope that you try 1, 2, or ideally, all 3 of them out. Follow our advice and you will find that your enjoyment of ‘The Sport of Kings’ increases dramatically!