5 Essential Bike Maintenance Hacks

Whether your bike is an electric model or a traditional analog version, you want to be able to address maintenance problems as they develop. This could save you some money, reduce downtime and free up your inner mechanic. Most issues will have you focusing on your tires, wheels, brakes or chain. These quick and clever fixes can be completed with just a few basic tools:

Address bike chain maintenance and cleaning with lube and a rag

Fix frayed cables by securing a stop with super glue

Adjust disc brakes by tightening components with an Allen wrench

True a wheel by tightening spokes with a spoke tool

Replace a flat innertube with the use of bike levers

If you learn one or two new maintenance skills each year, you will soon become a crack mechanic. Some fixes require the services of a qualified bike technician.

How To Keep Your Bike in Good Condition

A well-maintained bike is a thing of joy and beauty. Fortunately, it won’t take up a lot of time to keep your machine in the best shape possible. Much of it comes down to following a regular maintenance schedule and taking your bike in for service about once a year or so. It is also crucial that you pay close attention to how your bike is performing on every ride.

Whether dealing with comfort bikes for men or fine-tuning a cruiser model, you always want to listen to your bike. Is it humming along smoothly without any troubling sounds such as rubbing or squeaking? Or does your bike have some added friction that makes the journey tougher than it should be? It is important to address issues promptly before they wear out or break bike components such as the chainring or the brake system.

Cleaning your bike after every ride is a good practice to get into. This keeps dirt and dust out of sensitive components and is likely to help with the longevity of your bike. Whenever you transport your bike, make sure it is on the rack securely. Also, know the best times to put oil on the chain–pre-ride for road bikes, post-ride for mountain bikes–to keep the chain lubricated and free from debris.

How To Fix a Damaged Bike

For most riders, the most likely mishap is a flat tire. Personal bike repair begins with this fix. The better you can master this essential skill, the more freedom you will have on your rides. Make sure to carry the right-size innertube for your tires, tire levers to get the tire off, and a means of inflating the tube to a safe level. Tires also get damaged from time to time and knowing how to put on new tires is a good skill to have. Finally, a jammed chain can often be released either by some manual pressure or with the help of an all-purpose tool.

Finding a new bike for your adventures will give you many months of trouble-free riding. Electric bikes for sale are now available for every type of rider. Having a few maintenance skills is something worth developing to get the most out of your bike.