Backing Lucky 15 tips for today

Some would say that there is no more exciting betting market in horse racing than the Lucky 15. This is mostly down to the nature of the market, as it’s able to include fifteen different outcomes in one massive bet, where your potential returns will be significantly stronger if you’re able to include four horse tips that hold big bookmaker odds.

The bet itself only consists of four horses but they need to be even more cleverly chosen than you’ll find with any bet you make, as all four will be tied together in fifteen different bets including four singles, six doubles, four trebles and an accumulator of all four. Your returns on Lucky 15 tips for today will be assessed based on the number of horses that win, meaning that you could still take some winnings even if you don’t see wins for all four.

Strong Lucky 15 predictions

Odds for assembling a Lucky 15 which both stands a chance of landing and holds worthwhile odds in terms of returns is a bit of a balancing act. Each Lucky 15 which has been chosen with reasoning behind every selection is likely to be made up of horses with odds of evens or over, leading to winnings that could go as high as over £1,000. While The Winners Enclosure are prone to picking Lucky 15 tips for today that tick all of the right boxes, it tends to be a bigger difficulty if you’re looking to take on the challenge of making one yourself.

All you need to consider when attempting to build your own bet is four horses that look likely to win their races, only identifying the sorts of odds you want to include based on how risky you’re willing to be with your bet. Lucky 15 bets are some of the most entertaining for betting on horse racing, as you will still take some of your winnings for the selections that win even if some horses fail to finish first in their races, with two winning selections prompting returns for the two wins and one double they were involved in.

In terms of where to look for your Lucky 15 predictions, you’re best not limiting yourself to individual countries or festivals, as there’s so many races out there and lots of options for horses to bet on. The UK and Ireland are the most popular places to bet on horse racing – and you’ll find more than enough races being held on a daily basis – so you’re unlikely to ever find yourself restricted when it comes to horse racing betting.