Beginners Guide To Skiing

Skiing is one of the most fun sports in the World, it used to have a reputation of being incredibly expensive and something only the elite could do, the rest of us having to cope on dry slopes back home. Fortunately this misconception has been smashed to pieces with the emergence of more European nations in particular opening up their pistes with reasonably priced resorts and now every can have a go at this great activity. If you haven’t skied before and would like to give it a whirl then here is a quick beginners guide to help you out when you get on the slopes.


The biggest issue with most beginners is a lack of confidence that comes from a fear of falling, firstly you should note that you won’t be flying at high speeds just yet and it is unlikely that you will hurt yourself if you fall at slow speed. Secondly you need to try to remember that if you are nervous on your skis then you are more likely to fall as you will stay rigid, try to relax and the confidence will come.


The most important thing for beginners is balance on the skis, once you get to grips with staying balanced then skiing becomes much easier. To stay balance you must bend you knees gently and lean forward, this will make the skis work for you and not against you as you will be placing your weight in the centre of the skis. Remember that if your feet are in front of the rest of your body then this will put pressure on your leg muscles and feel difficult, when your body is over the skis it will feel effortless, finally, make sure you look forward and not down to help you stay balanced.

Learn from a Pro

Whilst your family member or loved one may be able to ski with aplomb, they are not the best people to teach you, support and help you practice, yes, but instruct you, no. Firstly you need someone who isn’t afraid to tell you the truth about what you’re doing wrong, secondly they may have picked up bad habits that they will pass along to you. Use a trained professional instructor, not only can they teach you best but all emotion will be stripped away from the situation, leaving you to concentrate on what’s important, skiing.

Look the Part

Wearing the right clothing on the piste is vital, not from a fashionable-look-how-trendy-I-am point of view but for purely practical reasons. Firstly you will need some boots that fit like a glove, too large or small will inhibit your skiing ability, the last thing you need when trying to improve. A good pair of snow pants is crucial, the fact is that you will fall and a cold and wet pair of jeans are the last thing you want to be wearing. Sunglasses for the snow blindness can break easy so look into a pair of goggles, a warm hat is essential and a warm, windbreaker jacket will keep you cosy and comfortable on the slopes.