Bob Mims CPA talks about how to play percentage golf in Memphis

As anyone who has taken their golf clubs to Memphis will testify, it’s home to some of the toughest courses in the land. While links golf is certainly not on the agenda, there are still plenty of other hazards that can make those 18 holes feel like double the amount. In short, if you are attempting to arrest a sudden slump in form, a trip to a Memphis golf course is hardly advisable.

Louisville is a particularly difficult area to master, and this is something that Bob Mims CPA¬†knows all too well. He has played at the majority of the courses in this area, and this is going to be the focus of today’s article.

Don’t worry; you don’t need to enrol at university next August. Instead, we’re now going to look at some of Mims’ tips for percentage golf – which is one of the best ways to take to the game if you find yourself playing in this community.

Stay the right side of the hole

This first tip we are going to cite relates to sensible play on the green. While you might have the urge to report to all of your friends in the community about the 40ft putt you sank on the 16th, start to think about the bigger picture.

For most amateurs, when they sign in at the pro shop, their aim is to stay as close to par as possible. This means that whilst fun, birdies aren’t really a necessary. You’ll be completely happy to two putt every green, even if it is a somewhat “boring” approach.

Don’t fall into the trap of being overly aggressive. Find out the best side of the hole to miss a putt, and work from there. The last thing you need is to have to sink a 6ft putt downhill. Instead, leave yourself with an uphill putt, it’s much easier and takes the pressure off your shoulders somewhat.

Be cautious when approaching the green

As we all know, golf is televised a lot nowadays. We’re used to seeing the big names play really aggressive; attacking the pin at any opportunity. When we see these players leave the ball within a couple of feet of the hole, we start to question why we shouldn’t attempt the same.

In short, we shouldn’t. If the pin is placed in an easy position, you might be tempted. On all other occasions, percentage golf dictates that this shouldn’t occur. Golf courses, particularly in Memphis, like to hide their pins behind hazards. It means that if you do get a shot slightly wrong, it’s just going to result in a bogey, or worse.

Don’t be afraid to start with an iron from the tee

Again, television coverage of professional golf means that many of us are tempted to pull out the driver at any and every opportunity.

As we all know, this increases the chances of a wayward shot significantly. Bearing this in mind, don’t be afraid to pull out an iron. Sure, you might forfeit a little distance, but at least you won’t be chipping out of the trees.