Bucket list items you should pursue before its too late

Have you been worked to the bone lately? If you are like many Americans, your boss has probably attempted to squeeze every last drop of productivity out of you.

Despite this, many of us are entitled to take off a specific amount of time per year, and even if don’t have this perk, we still get weekends and national holidays off. Yet, we don’t make the most of this time, and that’s sad.

Peter Benedict St. Andrews has a love for many things beyond his business, so he makes time apart from his work to do the things that make life worth living.

With a bit of planning, you can do the same, so don’t make excuses. If you are stuck for what to do in your free time, the suggestions below will move you beyond existing into a state where are you truly alive.

1) Climb a mountain

There is nothing that serves as a better metaphor for personal achievement than conquering a mountain from base to summit.

It helps build your physical fitness, you are surrounded by nature as you ascend, and once you reach the top, the views are unrivaled by anything you normally see in your daily life.

If you don’t get a burst of inspiration from this experience, we don’t know what to tell you.

2) Attend a playoff game in a major sport

Going to a major league sports game can be fun, the intensity of a playoff series creates an atmosphere that will electrify you.

Every play could potentially decide the fate of the game, a prospect that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat.

Should your team win, it will be a thrill that will be hard to match compared to other experiences you have had in your life.

3) Go golfing on a PGA course

Love to play a round of golf every now and again? As fun as it is to play the course near your home, it doesn’t compare to the challenge that a PGA caliber course will provide.

Strategically-placed bunkers, punishing patches of rough, and postage stamp greens on the far end of a massive lake will put your shot-making ability to the test. Expect to make a ton of mistakes, but that’s how you learn and get better at sports and life.

4) Bike/ski/board at a major resort

Having adrenaline flow through your veins is one of the best feelings in life, yet people don’t engage in activities that will release this life-affirming compound.

Taking up mountain biking and a snowsport (skiing/snowboarding) will give you plenty of occasions to do just that, as every turn throughout a descent will trigger these feelings.

While your local park is a great place to go on a regular basis, make time to go to a major mountain resort, as the steeps here are on another level, and the views you will be privy to will elevate the experience to one you will always remember.