Famous Footballing Families

Throughout the world of sports there have been many families who have left their hallmark on their respective sports. This phenomenon has occurred throughout all sports and if there was ever a case to be argued that greatness lies in the genes, these family can surely be the perfect example that it indeed does.  These legacies have not been seen more often than in the World of pro-football and today we are going to take a look at some of the dynasties that have been created from families who have become incredibly successful in the NFL.


The Matthews

Often overlooked for the impact which they have on American football, the Mathews have dominated for many years and have had no less than four family members who have played in the NFL. Clay Mathews Snr started off the legacy back in 1950 and since then his son Clay Jnr followed in his Dad’s footsteps. Clay’s little brother Bruce followed and then each had sons who both went on to play in the NFL. A true family dynasty. Somewhat surprisingly, not one of the Mathews family has ever gone on to win a Super Bowl, they have picked up pro bowl wins and have hall of fame status but never lifted the Vince Lombardi trophy.


The Mannings

Debit the Mathews family size and impact on the NFL there are few families who have had quite the impact on the NFL like the Manning family. The legacy started with father Archie Manning who was a hot prospect in college and drew large crowds to come and see him. When Archie reached the NFL however, he did not quite meet with expectation, he didn’t fail but he never quite lived up to his own hype. What Archie failed to achieve in the NFL however, his two sons would go on to more than make up for. Peyton and Eli Manning have won 4 Super Bowls between them, they have won countless MVP awards and smashed records at both league and franchise level.


The Elways

Jack Elway was a promising college footballer until an injury sadly cut his career short, his love for football however would not be dampened and he instead put his efforts into coaching. Elway would go on to become one of the finest college coaches that there has been before starting work with the Denver Broncos as a scout. Elway’s son John would take his father’s inspiration and go on to become one of the NFL’s greatest ever quarterbacks, winning back to back Super Bowls and being voted MVP in the first. The thirst for success would not end there and after hanging up his gloves at the ned of a 19 year career, Elway became coach of the Broncos where he lead them to a further two Super Bowl trophies. Elway Jnr is an all time hall of famer at both college and pro-league level.