How I Watch Football Games While Travelling

I am American and, as most of Americans, I can die for my football team.

On the other hand, I am a traveller. And not just a vacation type tourist, who takes ten-days annual vacations. I love travelling hard, being on wheels for months, crossing the country back and forth. This is a good thing of being a freelancer.

On the road you can deal with the lack of comfort, the absence of your best friends and your mother’s lasagna, however, it is not possible to miss the Super Bowl. How do I deal with it not having a couch with a personal TV set? These are my three favorite ways to enjoy football while travelling, and I am happy to share them with you.

Going to the Sports Bar

Some of the best experiences I’d had and some of the best people I’d met was while watching a football game in a bar. It is simply a great atmosphere of both hazard and relaxation. You take a drink or two, discuss your favorite players with a new mate and often end-up having long talks with the bartender.

The most reliable are bars with DirecTV, where you can watch a game in real time. Just be sure to manage the differences in time and catch the game you want.

Go To The Sports Store

Whenever I go to a sport store such as Nike to buy some football equipment, I can always get the latest updates on my team and the games they play. You can ask the store owner or the people who shop at the store for news and scores. There is no excuse. Last time when I was shopping for some football visors, I met a guy at the shop and we had such a great time discussing about the teams and what we predict in the next games.

Watching the game on TV or online

This is more calm and isolated way. When I need time alone, I either watch the game on TV, plugging in at any of RV parks, or surfing the Internet. If the connection is decent, I always can find some illegal broadcasts of NFL games.

However, in this case, tons of advertisements pop up, so you have to deal with the annoying commercials. Well, we know that the only free cheese in the mouse trap, but to avoid those traps I use Adblock and some features of Chrome to stop the ads. Yet, they still find their ways to appear.

Supporting your team at the stadium

This is my favorite kind of watching the football games while traveling. When you do not care where to go as long as you are on the road, you can follow your team from game to game. I tried it a couple of times, and it felt like a real adventure.

Bad thing that sometimes I had to travel for a week just to get to another spot. Another not pleasant thing is the cost of the ticket for NFL game. After paying up to $200 just for one crazy night in the stadium, you have to be ready to pay the same in a few days, plus the cost of gas if you travel cross country.

Good thing that in this way you get to visit unusual places and you have a feeling of being a real football fan. You also meet a few familiar supporters at each game, you make friends, go to a bar afterward and remember your travelling experience forever.