Racing & Sports: 7 Amazing Facts Associated with Greyhound Racing

Greyhounds are one of the world’s oldest breeds and known to be the purest ones too. Around 1912, they became part of races that continued to spread and attract people worldwide.

Here are some fantastic facts associated with Greyhounds and its racing:

1. It is an Ancient Egyptian Breed and an essential part of Irish Culture

Traced back to 3,000 B.C, it is one of the ancient Egyptian breeds and has a fascinating history of how it today arrived in our shores in 1927. This year, the first race of greyhounds commenced. We get to see many sculptures and paintings depicting its slender canines and even pointed faces and ears. The Greyhound is the most regulated of all canine breeds in Ireland. They are an essential part of Irish life so much so that they have featured in their old currency.

2. Greyhounds Are the Fastest Dogs in the World

While Greyhounds holds the fastest speed in just seconds, they are used in racing events to clock against other breeds. They have created a name for themselves because of their speed as they can run as fast as 45 miles per hour. Having slender and long legs, with a streamlined form and lean build, they are perfect for races. Their sleek, lightweight body can cover six strides of leaving traps too.

3. Greyhounds are fittest Breeds for Racing, and it comes naturally to them

One of the most surprising facts about a Greyhound is that they are ready and fit for racing within 18 months, and they continue till the age of 3 to 4 years. While they stay alive till the age of 10 – 12 years, their stamina and speed allow them to race not beyond the age of 5. They love to run, and because of their careful breeding, they are competitive by nature.

4. Racing is safe for Greyhounds

During racing events, the organizers and owners keep special provisions for a veterinarian in case of any injury to the Greyhounds. Each track has a vet to attend to the animal, and ensure their security. With extensive research, they ensure top priority for medical facilities. Therefore the racing industry has invested lots in the facility to avoid racing injuries to greyhounds while competing. Compared to other sports, the number of greyhound injuries is minuscule. Click here to explore more about Greyhound racing.

5. Most Greyhounds go uninjured in their Racing Career

As per the stats, we get to see that many of the Greyhounds don’t even get injured once in their entire racing career. Some may also get minor injuries, but when they suffer life-threatening or significant injuries, their racing career comes to a still. But despite their injuries, Greyhounds are used for other purposes like breeding animals or are placed in an adoption program to begin their new career.

6. Racing Greyhounds are kept in a kennel with a proper Diet

When the Greyhounds are not racing on tracks, they are kept in individual climate-controlled kennels near the tracks. They are moved outside at least 3- 4 times daily for milder exercise to keep them fit. They are also taken for walks and trained with sprint paths to develop a habit of racing. To maximize their stamina, they are provided with raw meat, cooked vegetables, and vitamin and mineral-rich substitutes, before the race day.

7. Betting an essential part of Greyhound Racing

Betting has been a vital part of Greyhound racing, and the bets are placed on greyhounds as per their speed and consistent performance. Their races are held on an everyday basis, and punters get an idea about their abilities. Several betting websites also show video replays, forecasts, and other details of recent races to help bettors to decide on their bets.