Sports Run in the Blood: Famous Fathers and Sons


Let’s say you were the famous son of a sporting legend, would you live in the shadow of your father? Most probably, the answer is yes! It can hard to follow the footsteps of a legend, and now if it’s your own blood and flesh, it can be an even more daunting achievement. However, despite the huge pressure which sons of legends often fall under, there are many young men who have surpassed their fathers. Let’s see some sporting father and son duos, which have forever changed the world of sports.


BRYANT- Joe and Kobe

Kobe Bryant has left a massive impression during his NBA career. Many people even argue as to whether he was better than Michael Jordan, which is not someone people normally compare others to! Kobe spent his NBA career with the LA Lakers and he lived a golden period during five NBA championships. Doubtlessly, his source of inspiration, is none other than his father, Joe. Also known as Joe ‘Jellybean’ Bryant, the basketball player had an amazing career leading with 5,252 points and 2,441 rebounds while he played for the Philadelphia 76ers. Maybe those figures are not impressive enough, but without his father’s guidance, Bryant Junior would never have reached the level at which he is now. Looking for some motivation to join the basketball world? At Lucky VIP Casino, you will find the best sports slots which can inspire you! For instance, you can try to shoot for some winnings on the reels of Basketball Star online slots.

BONDS- Barry and Bobby

It is no surprise that Barry Bonds is known as the greatest baseball player of all times, and his statistics makes him looks like a super human! However, did you know that the first to stamp the Bonds surname on this sport was Bobby Bonds? In the 1970s, Father Bobby became the first baseball player to nail 30 home runs and 30 stolen bases throughout one single season- something that he did again. . . four times during this whole career! And, surprisingly, the only person to match this feat was none other than his son, Barry. Winners of many golden gloves and listed on the Hall of Fame, it looks like it’s complicated to beat the father and son duo in baseball.

ELWAY- Jack and John

During his college days, Jack Elway was a real potential football player who could have stolen the highlights. However, his dream was crushed short after a knee injury, which terminated his glittering football career. Untroubled by his injury and fanatical about football, Jack went on to be one of the best football coach. And years later, his son John, achieved his dream. John Elway is a Hall of Famer and is seen as one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. John even won back to back Super Bowls and was voted as MVP in his first. After his retirement from the NFL, he became the manager of Denver Broncos.

In the end, it’s your choice to either follow the footsteps of your father or to make your own way.