The Many Benefits of Synthetic Sports Surfaces

Whatever your passion, whether it be Aussie rules, soccer, basketball or tennis, there is a synthetic playing surface that simply ticks all the boxes, and more and more sporting facilities in Australia are realising this and making the switch from natural grass to a synthetic material. While there are many obvious benefits from the sport facility’s perspective, from a player’s point of view, synthetic surfaces offer non-slip grip and a soft and safe playing platform, and there’s no chance of encountering a stone during a sliding tackle, which will please many soccer players. If you own a sporting facility and are looking for ways to cut costs, here are just a few of the many benefits you will enjoy when you install synthetic playing surfaces.

  • Eliminate Ground Maintenance– We all know just how long it takes to prepare a sports pitch, with the grass being cut first and then the groundsmen must duly go over the lines before the pitch is ready for play, but with synthetic grass surfaces that are laid by professionals, you always have a playing surface that is ready to go. Water can permeate the material and the special backing, which means a waterlogged pitch will never again be the cause of a game cancellation, and with a durable surface that looks and feels like real grass, the players will love the predictable bounce that only a synthetic surface can provide.
  • No More Game Cancellations– How many times has bad weather been the reason a game is cancelled? Too many for anyone, and with a synthetic surface that does not hold water, it matters not how much rain falls, the pitch will always be ready for the kick off regardless. For Aussie Rules Football, soccer and rugby, a long pile synthetic material is used, which has all the positive properties of grass and is both durable and long lasting. With a playing surface you can really depend on, bad weather postponements and cancellations will be something you vaguely remember.
  • Fewer Player Injuries– Grass can be treacherously slippery when wet, and a slip can cause serious injury, yet the non slip synthetic surface gives optimum traction and this reduces the risk of injury. If you were to ask a team whether they prefer to play on grass or an artificial surface, the synthetic wins every time, and regarding safety, there isn’t a better surface to play on.
  • Improved Performance– All ball players look for consistency in a playing surface, and a slight dip or bump will have an effect on the ball when it bounces, which is something you don’t get with a synthetic surface, and reading the game is so much easier when you can predict how the ball will leave the playing surface. Grass becomes patchy after a while, especially on areas that experience heavy traffic, but seeing as the synthetic surface is uniform, there are no variations in the way the ball behaves, and a consistent playing surface must mean improved performance, and as it is the same for both teams, no one team has an advantage over another, as both can improve the way they play.

The company that supplies and fits synthetic playing surfaces are very experienced and can include team logos and other fashionable features, and with acrylic hard court applications, there’s no limit to what can be achieved. Tennis and basketball courts are ideal for hard court acrylic applications, which is applied with a special squeegee, thus avoiding blemishes and cracks. Whatever the sport, a synthetic surface gives you year round use, and with zero maintenance and a high degree of durability, artificial playing surfaces take the game to a new level. If you would like to explore the possibilities of switching to a synthetic surface, an online search will put you in touch with a leading supplier and you can take it from there.