Top 3 Stylish Sneakers for Men in the UAE

Men have limited clothing choices, so it is fair that they get a wide variety in the choices they have. One of the choices with a lot of variety is shoes. There are several further categories of shoes, and one of these is Sneakers. Sneakers are athletic shoes that are designed for sports physical exercise and are also used for casual purposes as well. They are typically made with a rubber or synthetic sole which allows easy movement. They are of so many different types and different brands that it’s tricky to choose sometimes. It is said that the first thing someone notices about you is your shoes. If that’s the case, then that makes it even trickier to select the right pair! It is also a matter of whether or not they’re of good quality or are branded which makes an impression. 

This is why it is said that your sneakers reflect your personality. This blog will talk about the different types of Sneakers for men and how they can help elevate their outfit. 

1. Ray Tracer Tr 2

These sneakers are the best sporty and casual pair and you need this in your shoe-collection for many great reasons. Firstly, it’s designed with a textile front which is very breathable and it has a leather and synthetic overlay. It also comes with a cushioned foot-bed which is a great advantage as it gives added comfort. It’s made with tabs on the tongue and heel top of the sneaker making it very easy to put on/take off. The outer sole has a chunky texture and consists of a patterned rubber blend which makes for better grip. You can get these stylish sneakers and many other similar ones through Namshi discount code.

2. Gripshot BI21 2 Cma

This product is rated very highly and is a bestseller, so you need to automatically consider its potential for your next purchase. These sneakers are designed with a textile upper that is lightweight and durable which makes them long-lasting. They also come with metal eyelets that offer a secure lace-up closure. Moreover, it’s made with a synthetic outsole that is patterned for better grip, which makes moving around quick. It also has a foxing around the midsole that is thick and protective holding the sole and upper together. Additionally, it comes with an embroidered brand logo which gives finishing to it and makes them look very cool.

3. Casual Low Top Sneakers

These Sneakers are a must-have because they are designed to add subtle luxury to your outfits, which is the perfect thing! They come with an upper made of nylon with suede overlays that are lightweight and durable, meaning they last long. They also come with a special foam technology called Ortholite which aids in giving comfort and long-term cushioning. Moreover, it’s equipped with a midsole that’s made with EVA foam which softens the impact on feet when you do exercise. This furthers aids in enhancing comfort. It also comes with eyelets that guarantee secure lace-up closure. Lastly, it’s designed with embossed logo branding that enhances your outfit.