Why You May (or May Not) Need Tactical Gear

PHOTO DATE: 26-28 August 2013 LOCATION: Portland, Maine SUBJECT: ASCAN 2013 candidates during their wilderness survival training in Maine. PHOTOGRAPHER: Lauren Harnett

If you’re gearing up and preparing to purchase apparel and accessories for an outdoor adventure, then you have more than a few choices to make. First and foremost, you have to decide whether you’re going to invest in civilian-style outdoor gear or military-style tactical gear. Both have their advantages, but as we intend to show you in this article, full-on tactical gear rarely receives the attention it deserves.

You’ll find tactical gear for sale at outdoor stores and gun shops in Perth like Steelo’s Guns & Outdoors. Military-style apparel and accessories can enhance everything from your hunting expedition to your next game of paintball. Here are the pros and cons of a few different types of tactical equipment.

  1. Backpacks
    We’ll start with the backpack, as this is one of the easiest areas in which to separate tactical and civilian styles. These days, civilian outdoor backpacks are lighter and more comfortable to wear than ever before. This makes them an obvious choice for long-haul hikes and camping trips. But you also end up losing out in terms of organisational pouches and other extras.
  • The tactical advantage – Tactical, military-style backpacks are rugged and fully equipped with all the storage pouches and other organisational tools you will need.
  • The tactical downside – That extra endurance comes with a trade-off. These bags are heavy and not as comfortable to wear as their civilian counterparts.
  1. Tactical Clothing
    One of the major advantages of wearing tactical style apparel is that the camouflage is military-grade. This is precisely what enlisted personnel would be wearing out there in the field. Of course, it’s also worth noting that the military probably isn’t conducting combat missions in the same area where you’re hunting or engaging in outdoor sports. With that in mind, the style of camouflage they’re producing may not be best-suited to the environment in which you’re drilling with air rifles.
  • The tactical advantage – Tactical apparel features serious camouflage and also comes with a highly efficient arrangement of pockets, zips and pouches for keeping all of your equipment handy.
  • The tactical downside – The camouflage patterns featured on military-style apparel may not conceal you in the local environment where you’re hunting.
  1. Tactical Vests
    Finally, let’s take a look at tactical vests, which are quite popular with survivalists and adventure-seekers. Most of these vests are adjustable and will include a holster for a sidearm and several magazines of ammunition. This is great when you’re out there in the field and need rapid access to your firearm.
  • The tactical advantage – All of your equipment and supplies are right there where you need them (i.e. affixed to your torso). They’re also easy to slip on and off, with plenty of room for adjustment.
  • The tactical downside – Tactical vests are heavy, especially when fully loaded. There are also limitations to what they can hold. Some people are just as happy to have a bag slung over their shoulder.

There are certainly some advantages to using military-style tactical gear for outdoor adventures. The next time you’re in looking for outdoor gear, have a look at their tactical section to see what is available.