5 Tips To Save Up For Your Favourite Gadgets


Everyone has that one gadget or item they are pining for but it always just feels slightly out of reach due to the cost or the lack of savings to be able to afford such a thing. If you are strapped for cash and are dying for a new gadget – perhaps it will make your life easier, or help you schedule yourself better – you can always entertain the idea of making money online to get the cash together to afford it. There are a number of things to do online nowadays to make money, and here are five of our favourites.


This isn’t about recycling pop bottles or cans and paper – although that is good too (but not really a money maker unless on an industrial level!). This is about recycling old junk you have lying around your house – things like old DVD’s and CD’s and even books. Mobile phones are a good one as well, especially if you have newer phones like smartphones, but older phones can rack up a bit of cash as well. You can even recycle good quality used clothing on websites – and brand names go for more than no brands. So have a look in your closet and see if you can find something in there that is sitting on top of a secret gold mine.


This is a great one for University students particularly who are looking to make some extra money, especially if they are taking something specific such as English Literature or Mathematics. You can find a lot of students in lower grades that are in need of tutors in some of the core subjects. Or perhaps you have a particular penchant for history. You can put your knowledge to work for you by tutoring people either in person or online via Skype and other video messaging applications, which also makes it easy to work with large worldwide potential clients.


If you have a parking space available in a high traffic, highly desirable area, why not consider renting it out? A lot of people will pay a premium rate to have a dedicated parking spot. While this isn’t possible in a lot of areas, it is a definite bonus if you live somewhere with a garage that you can park in, while renting out your driveway. Or perhaps you live somewhere with a parking spot but you don’t have a car, or even drive. This is an instant moneymaker. You aren’t using it, so charge someone else to!


There are loads of online casino games available nowadays that allow you to win real money by playing some of your favourite casino based games such as bingo or slots – and with them being online, it means you don’t even need to leave your house to do so, making it an ideal thing to do for a small period of time per day to try your luck at a game or two. 


With so many pet owners working long days and struggling to find time to cook dinner between work, family and the dog, you can cash in here by offering your services as a dog walker to busy families. If you are going out anyway for a jog or walk yourself, why not cash in and advertise walking dogs while you’re at it? For a small fee a week, if you got a few dogs to join you, it could easily translate to some decent side cash quite quickly.

So there you have it – several fantastic ways to save for that gadget you’re after, and with little to no real time commitment or change in your own schedule, which makes it that much more appealing! So get out there and see how you can put some of your spare time to work for you!