The Best Free iPhone Apps 

They’re fun, exciting, creative and best of all free. Both Android and IOS platforms offer users free apps. In some cases free apps can be disappointing, but there are a wealth of free apps available for smartphones that you will use daily.

The iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones worldwide. With record-breaking sales and a host of varying models all set on mobile domination; the iPhone has millions of apps available at the App Store, and you can enjoy everything a CAD casino has to offer, get from A to B with ease, plan your day, or track calories, amongst many many other things. The saying there’s an app for that! has never been more true!

Whether you like creating on your phone, or if you’re in the free app market for some clever tools, there is a vast array of free iPhone apps to keep you entertained. The following free apps for iPhone are fun and exciting and are definitely the top picks for 2017.

Turn Your Home Upside Down With Housecraft 

Housecraft is a new free app for iPhone that will have you rearranging your home with the help of augmented reality. You simply have to wave your iPhone around a room where there is sufficient space and Housecraft will scan the room and map out the floor on your phone.

Users then have the opportunity to rearrange the room with virtual chairs, tables and even bookshelves, which can be recollected and resized for your optimal room. The augmented reality style app affords you with a creative solution for reimagining new spaces in your home.

Best Free Navigation App For IOS

There’s one clear front-runner when it comes to a free GPS app for iPhone; it simply must be Google Maps. The navigational software from Google will allow users to check on traffic updates for the fastest route home, it comes standard with turn for turn voice-assisted directional navigation and it will even help users navigate public transport in the area.

Google Maps has global positioning supports meaning that you can launch it anywhere around the world to find where you are heading, whether it’s a casino Canada or a truck stop in Turkey. The nifty business locator and information portal affords users with a handy business directory on the go for the best entertainment, social experiences, fine dining and more.

Shake Things Up With Snapseed

We all love snapping up images with our phones. Your smart phone’s camera is probably one of the most used features in your smartphone, so why not take your photos to the next creative level?

Snapseed allows users to do just that. It’s a free image editor for iPhone and definitely one of the most simplistic photo editors. The app allows users to upload a photo and apply a filter, which is called looks in Snapseed.

The apps true potential comes to life with the diverse selection of tools available, which allows you to edit perspective, crop and save your new looks.

Let’s Take Another Selfie 

Sticky AI is a completely free iPhone app that is all about selfies. Shoot static images or video in Sticky AI and watch the app work it’s magic. The app will remove all the background, only leaving your face intact.

Packed with creative features for that perfect profile picture; you can use Sticky AI to contort your mug, adding colouring and text or eliminating all colour from the image. You literally become the creator of your own mug with this free iPhone app.