Don’t Let Your Pixel Go Uncovered

Though new to the market, Google’s Pixel is already impressing critics all over the world. As the first Android made entirely by the tech giant, it has a lot to prove. And it manages it. There’s a reason why it’s making its way to the top of everyone’s best of lists. This high-end droid has top of the line tech, letting you do more with your phone without draining its battery. A long list of advanced specs makes this a highly anticipated phone that will be a breeze to use — except for one thing. At 5.5, the Pixel XL has crossed over into phablet territory, making an unwieldy gadget to hold onto if you have smaller hands. When you’ve invested in such high-end tech, you can’t plan on dropping the XL; you have to protect it with a Pixel skin.


Don’t Go With The Status-Quo

The Pixel XL is a combination of Google’s best soft- and hardware. The protective gear you choose to use should befit its standing as 2016’s top Android. While you may be tempted to buy a case for your cell, don’t do it. Though it’s easy to confuse its hard, inflexible surface for impenetrableprotection, these cases fail to provide the security you need. First and foremost, its size creates a huge problem—literally. By adding a large case around the diminutive Pixel, you can bump it up into the next weight class. The added pounds make it even more vulnerable to damage, as its awkward, bulky shape makes it hard to hold.

Tailor-Made Protection For Google-Made Tech

If bulk isn’t the answer, then protection that’s slim and form-fitting is. A vinyl skin, like the 3M material used in dbrand wraps, is exactly that thin and precision-cut covering you need. Its measurements are in the micro-millimeters, so its addition barely affects the Pixel’s natural dimensions. It’s also an incredibly lightweight material, so it won’t fatten up the XL in anyway. Despite being slim, the 3M vinyl creates a tough, air-tight barrier around your Pixel. That means dbrand skins for your new Pixel phone save it from daily wear and tear that can result in unsightly cosmetic damage. It also comes with a unique texture that wants to stay in your hand, as the surface has more traction than the slippery aluminum it covers. This very same material makes the XL a cinch to clean and keep clear of smudges.

Though new, the XL is proving to be a droid of fantastic quality. Make sure it stays that way with a Pixel skin. Keep an eye out for Pixel wraps and Pixel decals, as the names are interchangeable. Whatever you call it, make sure it’s made out of precision cut 3M vinyl made to measure. It’s the only way to keep your newest Android safe.