Go Live With Instagram

Technology in business has shaped the way modern brands and corporations engage with a potential client base. Our world has been wrapped up and jammed into the online realm. This realm is forever changing and bringing about new, exciting and creative means for businesses and brands to communicate with the outside world.

Social media platforms are the new order of the day, online shopping has become the norm and the world has started to assimilate into a new technological order, where our lives are completely online.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are our go to source for breaking news, travel inspiration, the hottest fashions and current trends. We spend much of our time scrolling through a mass of content that strives to capture our attention and turn us into a brand loyal following of influencer marketers.

The latest announcement from Instagram is exciting for businesses as it could bring an entirely new dimension to online advertising. The new Instagram feature is called Go Live With A Friend and it enables users to broadcast live videos in collaboration with other users.

The following tips will help brands and corporations to make the most out of this new and exciting Instagram feature.

The Advantages To Going Live

First things first, video content especially live video content is currently generating the most user engagement across all social media platforms. It just makes sense to use video as it is the most encouraged and promoted type of content, it really has power across the board.

Okay so it’s obvious video and live video content is generating the most reach on social media platforms. But why Go Live With A Friend? It’s actually quite simple, when you broadcast with a friend; not only will your connections see your story but your friends connections also have access to the post. This means double the exposure for your brand or business, a platform for you to broadcast your latest news, such as your big win playing visa roulette, or a way to reach a larger audience, which are all real winners in any social media campaign.

Connect With Live Video On Instagram 

The new Go Live feature will help businesses or brands conduct Q & A sessions as well as interviews.

It’s a great way to get someone else in on the conversation and it’s a stunning medium for engaging with fans or consumers to get to grips with what it is they really want from companies.

Content Collaboration

With Instagram’s Go Live With A Friend it’s possible to work with other industry related leaders to produce more interesting content, which will see a favourable acquisition and retention graph.

The more interesting your content is the more reliable you become as an influencer in your specific domain. The new Go Live feature can help introduce a different take on things like Webinars, for a better and enriched learning experience online.

Hit That Buzzer 

The way social media has shaped up is very interesting indeed. There’s a definitive trend towards getting something out of what you put in. Big brands have started to realize this and have had to come up with more inventive ways to engage with their audience.

Contests are a brilliant way of engaging with your audience and giving something back in return. A well-known sports outlet actually did a nice job on Facebook, where all the prizes were housed in a glass cage and were retrieved by a mechanical arm. Fans could only control the mechanical arm via likes and other various emoticons. The prizes were then handed out at the end of the contest.

That was superb engagement, it literally achieved erythromycin a contest should but it was a contest that would simply be unaffordable for smaller brands. The new Instagram Go Live With A Friend feature could change that by engaging with more that one person at a time for a game show like contest online.