Great Tech Gift Ideas for Adults and Kids Alike

Want to buy a tech-oriented gift for a small child or a geeky adult? There are so many ideas to choose from. You can buy an excellent tech gift for under $50, or you can splurge and get a wonderful $300 gadget the gift recipient will never forget. Here is a list of great tech gift suggestions for both adults and kids.

Underwater Camera

Your gift recipient may have a cool camera, but can it work underwater? Waterproof cameras are not underwater cameras. To work underwater, cameras require protective casing that can withstand water pressure several meters deep for prolonged periods of time. You will need to buy a specialty camera. A good underwater camera can cost hundreds of dollars. If you are on a budget, you can purchase a budget camera for less than $200. The picture quality may not be top-notch, but the camera will still work underwater.

Budget Drone

Drones! Who would not like a drone for their birthday or for Christmas? You can buy the best drones under $300 intended for consumers. There are definitely expensive drones as well, but these require FAA permits to fly, and in some cases certification as a drone pilot. No such requirements are needed to fly a $100 drone. These are considered “starter drones” that you can use to learn how to fly a drone. Budget drones are suitable for both kids and adults alike. Some drones are equipped with cameras so you can take aerial photographs of the house! A drone would definitely be a cool tech gift to give to anyone on a special occasion.

Power Bank

Our modern smartphones can do many things, but prolonging battery life is not one of them. If you have ever had a battery go dead on you while in the middle of an important task, you know exactly how useful a power bank can be. Power banks can store extra hours of battery power on the go. You can connect smartphones to power banks to charge without requiring a wall outlet. This is something every smartphone or digital camera owner requires. So, your gift recipient will be immensely grateful to have one. A person can never have too many power banks.

Piper Computer Kit

Looking for a really cool tech gift for a kit? Then consider the Piper Computer Kit, which costs close to $200. This is not a “toy” computer by any means. This is an actual computer powered by Raspberry Pi 3 that teaches kids how to assemble a computer and how to code using one. The Piper Computer Kit has been endorsed by tech luminaries such as Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak as an ideal gadget for teaching kids how a computer works and what programming is. The kit is immensely fun. It teaches kids how to code using the game Minecraft. So, when the kids are away, the adults can play with it too.

Misfit Flash

Misfit Flash is a $30 activity tracker. If you cannot give an expensive smart watch as a gift to your recipient, why not give this cheap but immensely useful activity tracker? It essentially does all the main tasks expensive gadgets can do. It works as a sports activity tracker as well as a sleep tracker. It’s rather simple to use as well.

Laptop Sleeve

If you are really not sure what to gift, consider gifting a laptop sleeve. Everyone nowadays has laptops. Sleeves are great for protecting laptops from dust and for carrying them around safely. Plus, there are excellent new laptop sleeve designs that are simple gorgeous. Choose a cool design and gift a laptop sleeve to your recipient. Choose a generic size like 15 inches for the sleeve, or 17 inches just to be on the safe side.

Molami Headphones

These colorful headphones cost only $50. They are visually appealing and also quite great at delivering bass sounds. The noise cancelling functionality makes them super convenient for use at home or during nighttime. Even a gift recipient with a pair of headphones will appreciate these as a gift.


Porkfolio is essentially a piggy bank for the tech savvy. This $23 “smart” piggy bank can connect to a smartphone wirelessly and provide data on the balance on the piggy bank. You can check on your piggy bank from wherever you are. Isn’t that simply awesome? Only the most coldhearted will not like this as a gift.

Motorola X Sol Republic Deck Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Wireless speakers are all the rave these days. It’s hard to find a good set of Bluetooth speakers for an affordable price. This Motorola X Sol is one of the rare exceptions. Despite costing only $50, these speakers work seamlessly. It is highly durable and long-lasting as well. The speaker can connect up to five devices at once. So, people who want to DJ in a group can immensely benefit from these speakers. If your gift recipient is a tech lover and kind of an extrovert, these speakers would be a great gift.

Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Flash Drive

Is your gift recipient a tech lover who is also obsessed with the Game of Thrones like the rest of us? Then this dragon egg flash drive would drive them nuts. Essentially, this is a USB memory stick with a casing shaped like one of the dragon eggs from season one. The exterior looks really well made despite the product costing only $30.

Bluetooth Tracking Tag

Every wonder if you could actually track the items that you tend to lose all the time? Then this $40 Bluetooth tracking tag will be a lifesaver. It’s a tiny device you can attach to things like keys, phone or a mini music player. The tracker is paired with an app you can access on your phone or online. When you can’t find the device, go to the app to prompt the tracker to buzz or beep. Now you can easily find your device with a sound. You should get one for the gift recipient, and probably one for yourself as well.

Try gifting one of the above to make your geeky gift recipient squeal in delight.