Most exciting phone launch in 2018

High technology is always in fashion and whether it’s the software or hardware of the product, phones are always fascinating to learn about. Sony, Apple, LG, HTC, Samsung and Google will be the companies mentioned in this article. We’ll take a look at some of the previous models and in some cases, perhaps what the problem was and why they didn’t do well. In the form of accessory, phone skins will also be discussed and who to trust. Your phone even has the chance to be real fashionable.

The Big Names

The Xperia XZ1 Premium by Sony will be released around February, while Google’s Pixel 3 makes its debut as late as November. Alongside the XZ1 and LG V30+a we have Samsung Galaxy with their S9 in Feb, soon after is the classic iPhone, labelled SE 2 coming in March. You may as well wait for May if you’re a fan of HTC because that’s when their “U12” is up for sale. These guys always have great phones and are constantly innovating the industry.

Previous Models

Phones are obviously constantly evolving, but why do they make so many new types so quickly? Basically, because everyone that can afford a smartphone, has a smartphone. It’s not that when a new one is released we all drop our current phones and purchase the newest, rather we’ll upgrade occasionally. The sheer number of users is so big that upgrading this technology is well worth it economically for the producer.


Purchase it for your car, why not for your phone? This will be a huge financial decision to consider in 2018. Protect these pricey gadgets with cheap phone insurance. I’m sure you currently backup your data, so you should start physically securing your priceless pictures and contacts. What I’m saying is that you should indeed buy these new and expensive products from big companies, because the competitive market can compete heavily enough to sustain great quality. Phone-stress will be a thing in this new year, mark my words. Stop worrying about your future worries with security.

Grab a Phone Case

This will protect your stuff too, how about when you drop your phone in the ocean? Insuring your things is well worth it. Why do we have it for other things in our lives? Heck, we have LIFE insurance.


Protect your car, your home, your family, your pets, your life and even your phone this great year. Technology is often leading many markets globally, and the most essential device in the world today is without a doubt the smartphone. It doesn’t matter which corporation you purchase from, or last year’s model or even a used phone, all you need to do is feel safe. Feeling safe and comfortable will help you use that fantastic piece of tech to its full potential. You work on it, play on it and basically run your life with it. Secure it up with cheap phone insurance.