New Medical Technologies – Saving Lives & Improving Patient Care

The world of medicine is constantly changing; what is innovative and new today, is outdated and obsolete tomorrow. With this in mind, companies are advancing medical technologies on what seems to be a daily basis. From wearable devices to surgical robots, the world of medicine is constantly stepping up, Life Medical Technologies introducing new treatment options, and providing doctors, surgeons, and medical professionals, new ways to offer improved patient care.

From your car, you can have your vital signs monitored today. New health sensors in driverless cars are one of the latest innovative medical technologies available. Cars like the Tesla, Volvo, and even companies like Uber, are stepping up and introducing these new wireless technologies. In addition to monitoring your vital signs when you are in the driverless car, these vehicles can immediately deliver those vital signs to doctors, hospitals, and other medical professionals. So, in the event you require immediate medical attention, if you are on your own and can’t make a 911 call, the car will alert those who can get the medical attention to you, no matter where you are.

Diabetic care and treatment have also seen a number of changes due to medical technologies. The inception of injection-less patches which can deliver insulin, to the FDA-approved artificial pancreas, diabetic care has greatly improved thanks to medical advances and technologies. The standalone replica of the human organ (pancreas) can monitor and automatically adjust blood glucose levels, helping diabetics monitor glucose levels. And, Google has stepped into the game as well. The company is working with Novartis in developing a contact lens which can monitor glucose levels as well. Development in medicine is advanced and continually changing as the days go by.

The fields of immunotherapy and oncology have seen exceptional strides and new advances in medical technologies in recent years as well. From the manner in which cancer cells are monitored and treated to treating different symptoms of cancer, medical professionals today are relying on the latest technological advances to deliver the information they need, in providing exceptional patient care. Foundation Medicine and SmartPatients, are among the leaders in the development of medical technologies for these fields of medicine.

Genetic testing has also greatly been improved upon thanks to medical technologies. Testing today can help enable users/doctors gain insight into genes, DNA, and provide potential clues to genetic predispositions of their test subjects. More advanced testing allows for more advanced solutions and possible treatment methods. With advances in technology, the options available to test clinics are truly only limited by the amount of money they are willing to spend in performing genetic testing and research testing.

Surgical robots, the introduction of wearable sensors by insurance companies, and development of human organs via 3D printing are unbelievable advances in the world of medicine. These and other medical technologies are sure to unfold as 2018 progress. Not only do these advances provide solutions to common misconceptions in treating patients, but also provide doctors/surgeons new insights in preventive care, which will possibly allow them to work toward preventing or eliminating many debilitating illnesses and ailments, in the near future.