Should You Invest in a Refurbished Laptop

So you’re in the market looking for a laptop? You have the option of buying a brand new device or refurbished laptop. A refurbished gadget is one that has been returned by the user to the retailer or manufacturer who then repairs it and puts it back up for sale at a discounted price. But, is this really a good idea and what are the factors to keep in mind? This article will answer all your questions.

What if the Refurbished Laptop is Defective?

According to research sponsored by Accenture, 68% of returned products are classified as “No Trouble Found.” This means that even though customers returned the devices claiming that there was a problem with them, on testing, no such defects were found. In fact, only 5% of devices are actually defective. It will also interest you to know that 27% of products are returned because of “Buyer’s remorse” or customers regretting the purchase.


What if the Laptop is Worn Out from Heavy Usage?

Many devices find their way into the market for refurbished laptops without their owners ever having used them. Customers also tend to return products if the packaging was slightly damaged during shipping. In any case, each gadget is sent to the original manufacturer or authorized repair center where it is carefully inspected. If it is found fit for usage, it is repaired and packaged again for sale.

What if the Refurbished Laptop Doesn’t Have a Warranty?

Check for the warranty the retailer is offering you. Some dealers might offer you only a 30-day or maybe, a 90-day warranty while brands like Apple guarantee their products for up to a year. Websites and companies selling refurbished laptops may not offer you a warranty, but they might offer you the option of an extended warranty for a charge. You also have the option of buying extended warranty from third-party companies such as Protect Your Bubble, SquareTrade, and others. Check for the terms and conditions before you place your order including information of the company or entity you can contact in case there is an issue with the laptop.

What if the Laptop has the Previous Owner’s Details?

One of the basic inspection and repair procedures involves erasing all the existing data and installing a new copy of the operating system on the laptop before it is put up for sale. If under rare circumstances, you do find any details, you must return the refurbished laptop to the dealer right away without using it yourself. Here’s another tip. If your laptop has any pre-installed software, you’ll be asked to enter in the keys. If this step skips, take the laptop back.

What if My Credit Card Does Not Cover the Purchase?

Most leading credit card companies don’t cover the purchase of refurbished products. And, if they do, in case there is an issue with it, they’ll request for a lot of documentation. These papers may include the original receipt of the purchase, a copy of the warranty issued by the manufacturer, and the credit card statement connected to the transaction. They might also add other terms and conditions. For this reason, it is preferable to read the fine print on your credit card service regulations. If they don’t cover the purchase, make sure you get extended warranty.


What if I Need Tech Support?

You can expect that the dealer of your refurbished laptop will offer some form of tech support. For instance, you could be dealing with an issue that involves the working of a hardware item that was included in the purchase. In that case, the dealer is expected to help you by making sure it’s working properly.

What Else do I Need to Know?

If you have opted to buy a refurbished laptop, here are some other tips:

  • Make sure to read the specifications of the product carefully. It will clearly state the parts of the laptop that may not be working properly.
  • Expect that you might have to get a new battery.
  • When companies refurbish laptops, they inspect and repair the interior working parts of the device. You can expect that the exterior will show some signs of wear and tear.
  • Carefully save all the paperwork connected to the transaction.
  • Make it a point to buy your laptop from the registered dealer of a reputable company. That’s a great way of making sure that any issues you might face will be addressed.
  • Expect that the deal is under the “No Refund” condition.
  • You might not get the Operating System restore disk with the refurbished laptop. Make a backup copy of your newly-purchased laptop’s hard drive. You can use it restore your OS if needed.

Buying a refurbished laptop has a lot of positives, main among them is the more economical cost. With a little homework and research, you can get a pre-owned gadget that is practically new and hasn’t been used much. In addition, you only need to keep the information you’ve just read in mind, and you’ll soon be the happy owner of an absolutely good laptop at a fantastic price