Smart Android Hacks

Android is fast becoming the most used operating system (OS) all around the world.  Many people have been able to root their Android phones.  Rooting allows users to customise their smartphones by changing or replacing apps or system settings and to perform operations that under normal circumstances would not be possible.  Rooting is also known as an Android hack and also allows for users to remove or replace the OS with a more updated one.

More Storage Space

Many people like to listen to music or watch videos on their phones, but these phones often come with a limited amount of storage space.  Most people store their music and videos on other devices such as laptops or PC’s and can only store a selected amount of files on their smartphones.  Which means they will keep having to delete files to make room for new files.  This is an inconvenience for most users.  But a hack has been developed which allows users to stream music from their PC onto their smartphone by means of Wi-Fi.  This app, known as Gmote makes this possible.

Customise Android Smartphones

Most smartphone users like to change the theme or wallpaper on their phone and with this once again there are limitations.  Android phones do not offer a huge range of themes to choose from and many of them are just not inspiring.  Users can now enjoy customising their phone by using various apps available such as Beautiful Widgets which give users access to a huge range of themes and even animated wallpapers.

A Fun Hacking Experiment

A fun Android hack is installing the Android OS onto an old iPhone.  This is a fun experiment to try out to see how effective Android would be on an iPhone.  Android users can use old iPhones such as the 2G and install the OS onto it.  Once the installation is done there will be quite a few Android apps that they can use on the phone, and they may even be able to play online roulette NZ and other games too.  Users can even try some restricted apps and install them.  The one downfall with this hack is that the iPhone will have to be broken using software such as redsnOw or PwnageTool.

No More Adverts

Free software is great, but the adverts that come with it are not.  They continuously pop up and can become a real irritation.  Many of the free Android apps will have ads running and in order to get rid of them users can rather use the paid version, but this costs money.  For Android users who have rooted their phone they will be able to use an app, Adree, that will block unwanted ads.  This is a great way to get rid of unwanted ads especially for users who mainly use free Android apps. This can make everything from entertaining at home to playing games better, as there won’t be any sudden pop-ups interrupting your music stream or gaming.

Nandroid Backup

Considered as one of the most useful hacks for Android is a Nandroid backup.  This can only be done if the phone has been rooted.  In order to do this users must have installed a custom recovery and they can then create a full backup of their device, not only data and files but everything which includes any settings, messages and even call logs.  These Nandroid backups are like installing custom ROM’s and if users are not happy with that particular ROM they can restore the backup and the phone can go back to the way it was.

Android hacks are a great way for users to customise their phones and make them truly individual and they can also install features that would not necessarily come with the phone.