Tech Jobs On The Rise For 2020

Source: Gerd Altmann on Pixabay

When it comes to jobs in the new year, it seems like there is no end to the possibilities. After all, new year, new you, right? Totally! But what kind of job should you go after, especially if it’s your goal for the new year to get a new job of some kind? If you’re a bit of a tech fan, why not consider a hot new career in this increasingly popular sector with a whole host of amazing career opportunities just waiting to be had? Check out this short guide to some of the hottest tech jobs on the rise for 2020. 

Cyber Security Engineer

It seems that as technology improves, so do those people who want to access your systems and records. Cyber security is a vastly important role these days, helping to keep companies safe from unscrupulous people who want to access customer files, banking information and more. Cyber security not only plays a role in keeping customers safe, but it keeps the company safe as well. After all, no one will want to do business with a company that has a bit of a shady security background! This type of role is only expected to become more important, so check this out if keeping systems safe is your kind of thing.

Cloud Engineer

Off the back of safety of files and the like, cloud computing is becoming a hugely important aspect of technology. Cloud technology allows companies and individuals to use an off site storage system that can be accessed by specific people with predetermined allowances. This means that a company can keep their files off site in a decentralised storage system which helps keep them safer than if they were held solely on their own computer systems. This also means that sharing of files for a role’s purpose are easier as well, as with cloud computing anyone who is allowed to access the files can be a contributing author to a file or project. This means less paper sitting around an office and a more streamlined, efficient process. 

AI Engineer

One of the fastest growing types of technology is AI, or artificial intelligence. This has many types of applications and while it’s not overly broad spectrum as yet, it has potential. Many AI engineers are finding that they’re being hired on by start ups or even the military to develop artificial intelligence to help make working environments more efficient and user friendly, such as using AI to act as reception, in place of a human. This is one of the more prominent and exciting tech jobs in San Francisco that seems to be coming up frequently in 2020.

Blockchain Developer

What exactly IS blockchain? Well, simply put, blockchain is a system that uses decentralised storage called blocks to maintain and distribute data. Blockchain technology is one of the fastest growing types of technology, with Bitcoin having been one of the most popular and well known types of blockchain use. These days though, blockchain has a number of different capabilities, with Interplanetary File Sharing being one of the most useful ways to work with blockchain. This means that companies can house data and information offsite, in a decentralised location, ultimately meaning that their data is safer than if it was stored on site in the likes of a giant mainframe storage type system, reminiscent of the past. 

So if you’re looking for a great new job in tech, hopefully these ideas will help give you some ideas. There are so many reasons why a company should invest in technology, so this is an industry that is only projected to grow as technology progresses.