This Year’s Top Gifts For The Guitarist In Your Life

Whether it’s a friend, family member, or partner, there’s always at least one person on your list that makes holiday gift giving a challenge. Whoever it is, they can make you dread any birthday or special occasion that requires a gift. Your attempts in the past have always meant the weeks leading up to the holidays were filled with worry as you search for a present that has serious wow factor. If they can’t or won’t answer any of your questions about what they want, then it’s time to start looking towards their hobbies for inspiration. As a guitarist, they probably spend a lot of their time behind the fret. Use that to your advantage.Forget novelty gifts that have a finite shelf-life. Get them an axe-themed gift instead.


If you aren’t musically inclined yourself, don’t sweat it! This guide is here to help, whatever your skill level or budget. When money is no object, a new guitar might just be the present that will earn you top marks this year. But take a tip from us, if a person is difficult to shop for it’s usually because they have discerning tastes. If you’re willing to spoil the surprise, you might want to ask them what model they want. They probably already have a few in mind! If you want to keep it top secret, any of the guitars at Long & McQuade would be a clear winner. With a huge inventory able to satisfy any Gibson groupie or Fender fan, there’s something for everyone. Regardless if you go for an Epiphone or Squier, an electric or acoustic guitar, all of the brands and models on display are well-made instruments.

Admittedly, not everyone of us has room for a sunburst Les Paul in our budget this year, but don’t worry—there are still plenty of options to choose from. In fact, if you stick with a music store like Long & McQuade, you can pick up affordable guitarist must-haves like backup strings, wires, pics, capos, and sheet music. You can also pick up less common items that they’d never think of buying themselves but would love to have. You could get a stand for their iPad, so they can read their sheet music or follow along a YouTube tutorial without propping it up against books. You could get a guitar cleaning kit. Or there are even auxiliary cords that hook up to their iPhone or Android to turn it into an inexpensive pedal or amplifier.

For those guitarists who already have everything they could need when it comes to their instrument, think outside the box. Tickets to their favourite band would always go over well. So would a gift certificate to iTunes. A year’s subscription to a magazine like Guitar World or Guitar Player Magazine would make for a great stocking stuff, too.

The next time you find yourself scratching your head, wondering what to get the guitarist in your life, think about this guide. With access to a music store like Long & McQuade, you’ve always got help in finding the perfect gift. Whether it’s as extravagant as a brand new Gibson or as modest as a few wires and pics, you can find something that turns you into a hero of the holidays.