What to do when you break your phone

A moment of inattention and some slippery hands are all it takes to break your smartphone. Looking down at the spider web which now graces its glass screen, you are probably wondering where you can find an iPhone Screen Repair near me. While this is a great start to getting your constant companion back, there are a number of things that you should keep in mind if your phone should take a tumble onto the sidewalk or into the toilet. Remember the points we mention below, and you’ll be ready for this unthinkable day, should it come.

Is your phone under warranty?

Before rushing off to your local repair shop, figure out whether your phone is still under warranty. Check your sales receipt: if you paid an extra surcharge for your manufacturer’s warranty program when you bought your phone, bring it to an official dealer instead. Not only will you be taking advantage of a product you paid money for, but you’ll be saving hundreds of dollars on a repair that will be free of charge if it is covered by your warranty.

Dropped it in water? Put it in rice

Some people opt to keep using their phone even when it sustains damage to its glass fronting. In many cases, it continues to function well, with the occasional touchscreen annoyance. However, those who have had the misfortune of dropping their phone in the mall fountain know you just can’t carry on after such an incident, as water and electronics don’t get along well (though some newer phones are surprisingly water resistant). While you might think you just bricked your smartphone, there is a hack that can bring it back from the dead. Get some rice from your pantry, and pour it into a bag or bowl. Remove the battery and SIM card from your phone, and dry the innards as much as possible using a can of compressed air. If you dunked your phone in the ocean, quickly rinse the phone in fresh water to clean the salt out of the components before burrowing it deep within the rice. While it isn’t guaranteed to work, leaving it for a couple of days may allow it to boot up again. The sooner you do this after H2O exposure, the better your chances.

Sell it to a refurbisher

Were you lusting over the latest phone models before you dropped your current set? Was your phone’s performance beginning to decline after years of faithful service? It might be worth your while to sell your damaged unit to a refurbisher. These folks possess the skills to make a non-functioning phone become fully operational again. ¬†While you might not get much compared to what you paid in the first place, you’ll get a sum of cash you can put toward the purchase of a phone better than the one you wrecked.