10 Of The Most Dangerous Roads In The World

Dangerous Roads

If you’re heading on your travels this summer, these are the roads that you’ll need to take extra care on. Either that or you’d do well to simply miss them out altogether! We’ve been researching the internet for a selection of ten dangerous roads from across the world. We’ve found many of them, from all corners of the globe. So, we’re going to analyse this list, and we’ll also give you a little info about road safety while we’re at it.

Dangerous Roads

Preparing To Drive On Dangerous Roads

You might find yourself in a situation where you’ll encounter roads like the ones we’re about to see. Being safe while navigating them is crucial, for obvious reasons. Our list pretty much divides into two categories.

The first is narrow roads with sharp cliff faces. If you’re anything but an expert driver, you don’t want to even consider tackling something like this. It should also be noted that your vehicle will need to be in top shape to even have a chance of getting through these drives.

The latter category we’ll focus on is roads that are notable for experiencing many crashes over the years. In this case, it’s all about safe driving and awareness levels. And, if you get into a crash that is caused by others, the question “can I make a claim for my car injury?” should be on your mind. The more people that are punished for this reckless behaviour; the better. By taking action, we can be hopeful that drivers might learn from their mistakes in years to come. Let’s hope so!

10 Of The Most Dangerous Roads In The World

Dangerous Roads

  • Stelvio Pass (Italy)

In the heart of the Italian Alps lies the Stelvio Pass – a road that is a treacherous drive for drivers of all skill levels. The views are incredible, but you won’t get much time to enjoy them as you perilously navigate the dangers on display. There is a selection of 180-degree corners that aren’t for the faint of heart, for starters. The barriers preventing you from flying off the cliffs are low too, making for an even tougher drive. We haven’t even mentioned what it’s like in wintery conditions!

  • A18 (England)

Those who dwell in England will probably be surprised that the A44 hasn’t been mentioned here. In truth, there are many roads in England that pose a risk in terms of crashes (head-on collisions in particular). The A18 was recently chosen to be the country’s most dangerous road. A10-mile stretch has caused serious crashes and fatalities in the past. While England doesn’t suffer from tight cliffs and sharp corners all too often, its A-roads are treacherous in their own ways.

Dangerous Roads

  • Fairy Meadows Road (Pakistan)

You see a name like “Fairy Meadows Road,” and everything sounds just lovely! Then, you see the road for yourself, and you quiver in horror. For those who love their mountain driving, this Pakistan road might still be too much to handle. It has not been repaired despite being built decades ago, and it has zero guard rails to support the vehicle. It can only fit one jeep at a time, and the road’s unstable nature means there are no guarantees you’ll make it anyway. This is one for the purists and the lunatics.

  • James Dalton Highway (Alaska)

It looks beautiful when you gaze eyes on the snow-filled road of the James Dalton Highway. However, if you’ve ever watched Ice Road Truckers, you’ll know that Alaska is filled with danger spots for drivers. This road is no different, and it’s filled with dangerous potholes that can cause damage. Scarily, it runs through the middle of nowhere and carries a 414 mile-long stretch of road. It’s slippy; it’s dangerous and it ain’t a whole lot of fun.

Dangerous Roads

  • BR-116 (Brazil)

We’re back to the highways now with Brazil’s most dangerous road. It’s nicknamed the “highway of death,” so you know it isn’t going to be a fun ride. So, what are the dangers that are ever-present here? Firstly, there are steep cliffs that pose numerous risks and cause serious accidents. Also, it’s poorly maintained, which is another major hazard for those who drive on it. Possibly the scariest aspect is that it runs straight through some of Brazil’s most dangerous areas. The threat of gangs and bandits is very real here.

  • I-26 (Carolina, USA)

A short stretch of the I-26 in Carolina has been seen as a very dangerous part of the USA’s roads in recent years. Motorists appeared to complain that the road was too narrow and couldn’t handle the mass amounts of traffic it had to deal with. However, problems were identified a few years later, and a $5 million safety plan was put in place. Recent issues have been caused due to bridge construction issues. Some important improvements have been made, but this is still a road to be wary of.

Dangerous Roads

  • North Yungas Road (Bolivia)

We move from a road that anyone can drive, but be wary of, to a road that no-one should drive. Welcome to Bolivia’s “road of death”. The North Yungas Road is often described as the world’s most dangerous road, and for good reason. It’s narrow; it’s cliff-filled, and it barely has any guard rails. According to the BBC/Wikipedia, a 2006 estimate stated that around 200-300 travellers were killed yearly on the road. If that’s not enough to put you off, I don’t know what is.

  • Atlantic Road (Norway)

Norway’s Atlantic Road has long been considered to be one of the best scenic drives in the world. However, it poses risks that might not be as prominent as they need to be at first glance. The road contains eight steep bridges in all, which can occasionally prove quite nerve racking for even the most competent driver. Another particular danger of the road is that it regularly gets battered by heavy weather conditions. It isn’t recommended to drive this road in poor weather, or the results could be devastating.

Dangerous Roads

  • Sichuan-Tibet Highway (China)

We’re back to the tall cliff faces and narrow roads again! The Sichuan-Tibet Highway has caused plenty of deaths over the years due to its tough driving conditions. Also, it’s incredibly long, and points of the highway get up to very high elevation levels. This can regularly cause altitude sickness conditions in drivers who travel on it. Oh, and rockslides and avalanches are also common in and around this highway. As you can tell, we’re definitely dealing with one of the world’s most dangerous roads here.

  • The Barton Highway (Australia)

The Barton Highway isn’t a particularly long stretch of road, but it has commonly been known as one of Australia’s worst roads. Upgrades have been made to it over the years, but issues still persist to this day. Nowadays, the main criticisms come in the form of over congestion, poor road layout and maintenance issues. While driver error is a big factor here, the difficulty in overtaking/entering the highway has long been an issue. Improvements are being made, but it still poses many risks.

We’ve picked out ten examples of some of the most dangerous roads in the world, but it doesn’t stop there. There are always dangerous roads in any country you visit, and you must make sure you prepare ahead of time. You don’t want to unexpectedly find yourself navigating these things if you’re not ready. Do your research, assess the risks and only go through with it if you feel 100% confident. In a case like the North Yungas Road, however, I wouldn’t even bother if I were you!